17 Indian Women Reveal Offensive Remarks They’ve Heard At Work

Remarks They’ve Heard

Published on March 3rd, 2017

How do people take you seriously at work when you wear lipstick and dresses and all. Empowering the women to take their own decisions for their personal dependent. Empowering women is to make them independent in all aspects of the mind, thought, rights, decisions, etc by leaving all the social and family limitations.

It is to bring equality in the society for both male and female in all areas. Here are seventeen Indian women reveal offensive, remarks they’ve heard at work.

1. Kaneez Surka

Indian Women

Comedian Kaneez Surka: “I don’t like female comedians making sexual jokes, it just doesn’t sound right.”

2. Priya Malik

Indian Women

Reality TV star, comedian, writer Priya Malik: “At a comedy club… a man once told me that women could only be either pretty or funny. My vagina LOL’d.”

3. Pooja Dhingra

Indian Women

Chef and entrepreneur Pooja Dhingra: “While trying to rest my first kitchen space… ‘Where is your husband? Has he passed away?’ – The real estate agent”.

4. Shweta Tripati

Indian Women

“There’s no item song in the movie? Then it’s doubtful if it’ll be a hit.”

5. Vishakha Singh

Indian Women

Actress and producer Vishakha Singh: “You shouldn’t ask too many questions to the director. A heroine must be cute and bubbly.”


6. Akash Iyer

Indian Women

“How do people take you seriously at work when you wear lipstick and dresses and all? – A bestselling author.”

7. Shreena Thakore

Indian Women

“You’re way too pretty to spend all day indoors writing code.”

8. Pia Alize

Indian Women

“I always send pretty girls to meet clients. That way they usually agree… Make sure you smile. You have a nice smile.”

9. Esha Chatterjee

Indian Women

“Madam, legal documents don’t require ladies to sign.”

10. Priyanka Shertukde

Indian Women

“We cannot send you for outstation shoots… The company refuses to pay for women’s safety.”

11. Akash Iyer

Indian Women

“Don’t wear short dresses to office. It distracts other people.”

12. Richa Makker

Indian Women

“We cannot hire you because you’re 25 and unmarried and that is always risky.”


Indian Women

“A male counterpart’s opinion was valued and appreciated over mine despite sharing the same opinion.”

14. Meera Sapra

Indian Women

“Oh, you work from home? Isn’t that the best thing any Indian woman could ask for?”

15. Samridhi Dewan

Indian Women

“If you have to progress in this industry, you’ll have to become someone’s girlfriend.”

16. Priyanka Iyer

Indian Women

“Women of power in this company are either bored wives of rich men or frustrated single women with no lives.”


Indian Women

“Being mansplained how to do my job… By men who don’t have my skill set, from entirely different departments, and who actually don’t know what my job entails.
Thank you, you omniscient beings.”