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International Women’s Day 2017: Will you #BeBoldForChange?

International Women's Day-2017

March 7th, 2017   |   Updated on April 18th, 2023

International Women’s Day is an event, which celebrates the achievements of women in all the fields from social to political all over the world and calls for the women empowerment. This day is celebrated on 8th March of every year but initially, it was first observed in the early 90’s.

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International Women’s Day is associated with not just a single section of society, but it unites the different governments, charities, corporations, and women’s organizations together. On this day, there are celebrations around the world with rallies, marches, arts performances etc.

The exact date on which IWD started is not clearly known but in 1908, a group of 15000 women through the city of New York with the purpose of raising their voice to demand voting rights, fewer working hours and better wage rates which can be called as the reason for starting this international event.

After a year, the first National Women’s Day was noted in the United States on 28th of February, according to a declaration made by the Socialist Party. In the year 1910, a German Woman, Clara Zetkin who was the head of ‘Woman’s office’ of Social Democratic Party of Germany, proposed to give recognition to International Women’s Day. She gave the suggestion to every country of the world to celebrate Women’s Day every year so that their demands can reach the authorities.

As a result of a conference of more than 100 women agreeing to her proposal, IWD got the recognition. A year later, International Women’s day was celebrated on March 19 for the first time in four countries namely, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

But in the year 1913, it was decided by the authorities to change the date of IWD to 8th of March. Since then, it is celebrated worldwide on the same day. United Nations recognized the day in 1975, but it had been creating theme every year for the celebrations from the beginning.

Reasons Why It Is Still Being Celebrated

The main purpose which was to bring equality in genders has not been achieved. There is a big gap between the wages of men and women all over the world and the number of women in politics or business in comparison to men is very low. According to figures, health, education level, etc. of women around the globe is still poor and the cases of violence against women are being observed everywhere.

As per the report of World Economic Forum, there is no chance of filling this gender gap until 2186.
On this day, women from all over the world unite to raise the voice against the inequalities and celebrate the achievements of those women who have proven their superiority to the world.

International Women’s day theme for the year 2017

#BeBoldForChange is this year’s theme, asking people to get up and do their best to help in bringing gender equality. The voice of this message has the ears of millions of women, girls, and men who will be coming out on the streets to march against this society’s evil- gender inequality.

You can take part in IWD in the following ways:

1 Pledging for parity

For this, you just have to go to the official website of IWD day and pledge to help ladies in achieving their dreams and goals.

2. Join events happening worldwide

The websites provide the schedule and details of all the IWD events including the major events like HeForShe Arts Week.

3. Hosting your own event

Yes, IWD allows and encourages everyone to host and create an event on their own.

4. Taking part in Southbank’s Women of the World festival

It is going to start on 8th March and will go on until 11th of the same month in London. It includes a series of events related to IWD.

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Watch A Message by UN Women’s Executive Director

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