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6 iPhone X Alternatives That Don’t Cost $1,000

6 iPhone X Alternatives

Published on September 14th, 2017

The iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive Smartphone yet, starting at $1,000. The steep price is even more painful in developing countries like India, where the asking price for the base model is equivalent to 200 days of minimum wage.

But the edge-to-edge screen of the 10th anniversary iPhone can be had at a lower cost, and even sooner, before the iPhone X’s November release.

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Here are some Android-powered handsets that offer the “all screen” experience to satisfy gadget lust, while leaving some change for utilities and more important expenses.

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Samsung was among the first to sell wraparound displays this year, adding its signature “edge” to the sides of the S8 and S8 Plus, which retail for lower cost at $694 and $824 respectively.



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Largely overshadowed by Samsung’s flagship which launched at around the same time last April, LG’s G6 offers a big-screen experience that fits comfortably in the hand. It is also cheaper at $449

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At at even lower price tag of $399, the Korean company offers the same full screen experience on the G6 in a slightly smaller package with dialed-down specs.


A host of other devices that are currently unavailable locally also offer the near bezel-less screen at a price that undercuts the iPhone X. These include:


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Essential, founded by Android creator Andy Rubin, released this year its first eponymous handset made of ceramic and titanium that also offers modular functionality. It is available in the US for $699

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Chinese upstart Xiaomi beat larger manufacturers to the full-screen game with 2016’s Mi Mix, and this year’s sequel packs upgraded specs at a lower price of $899


LG V30


LG has not officially announced the pricing for its fall season flagship that closely resembles the pebble-shaped iPhone X, but tech websites said it might be lower than $999 dollars.

The V30 will likely be sold locally like its predecessors, the V10 and the V20, which did not breach the $349 mark.

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