Is Food Tissue Eco-Friendly?

eco friendly tissue paper

May 18th, 2020   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Tissue paper is commonly in restaurant kitchens, cafes, bakeries, and delis for various purposes.

Disposable cutlery is wrapped in tissue paper and handed out to customers when giving them cake boxes and sweet boxes. Food grade tissue saves time cleaning up when cooking and eating.

Tissue paper keeps surfaces clean from melty foods, grease drips, juices, and other messy food products.

The right food tissue paper is strong enough to absorb and resist moisture and grease. Food tissue is used in serving baskets and to line baking sheets.

The tissue comes in various colors and sizes to match various needs in the foodservice industry.

A reputable supplier can make custom food tissue in special sizes in various colors. Food tissue is available dry-waxed, kiss waxed, and unwaxed to match various needs.

Fast food joints, coffee houses, and other eateries use printed food tissue.

There is tissue paper for baking pastries and wrapping meats in various colors including strawberry red, yellow, white, green, and caramel.

Features That Make Food Tissue Eco-Friendly

100 Percent Natural Materials

Waxed and coated paper for food tissue is made from 100 percent natural white or brown Kraft paper.

This paper is not coated or treated with any chemicals to avoid compromising food quality.

Food tissue has exceptional wet strength backed with grease resistance to hold various foods. The tissue is useful for hot and cold food items.

Additionally, this tissue is useful when keeping food in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and oven.

Using food tissue gives confidence about food quality and peace of mind about sustainability. The most significant benefit is winning customers’ trust in your green business practices.

Sustainably Sourced Materials

Another reason to order food tissue paper is the eco-friendliness resulting from the use of sustainably sourced recycled materials.

The tissue is from Kraft paper which is 100 percent natural and prepared from wood pulp.

Wood for making Kraft paper is harvested from planted forests that are re-afforested to avoid deforestation.

This avails a steady supply of Kraft paper for making food tissue without endangering the environment.

Compostable And Recyclable

Food tissue is compostable making it soak up water easily on a compost pile without becoming smelly.

Ideal tissue is free from glitter and plastic tape to make it compostable and biodegradable. This tissue is made from Kraft paper which is recycled making it good for the environment.

After use, the food tissue is recycled or composted to protect the environment.

Luckily, a reputable supplier can give you recyclable food tissue in various colors including silver, metallic gold, and patterned to match your needs.

Scent And Acid-Free

Food grade tissue is acid-free with bleed resistance. This ensures no damage to food when wrapped in the tissue.

The tissue keeps warm food fresh for various hours without sweet scents that compromise food freshness.

The use of eco-friendly food tissue ensures that the tissue doesn’t get engrossed or wrapped up with particles of hot food.

Quality food grade tissue is a bit hard and plain while being 100 percent free from acid and scent.


Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are chemical additives applied in various applications including takeout containers and carpets.

The PFAS are common in the packaging industry for making containers moisture and grease resistant. However, these substances might potentially migrate into food or leach into the environment.

Unfortunately, these persist for a very long time leading to serious health concerns. Ideal food tissue is PFAS-free and conforms to current legislation regarding environmental sustainability.

Water-Based Dyes

Commercial establishments make good use of custom printed food tissue. This requires the use of tissue customized with the store logo and other details. Additionally, some businesses use tissue paper in their official color.

Apart from being made from recyclable and sustainable Kraft paper, the customization process is environmentally friendly.

The dye used to color the paper is water-based making the tissue environmentally friendly. Additionally, FDA approved food-safe vegetable inks are used to print your details on the food tissue.


Finally, the grease and moisture resistance of food tissue makes it remain in good condition after use. So, encouraging reuse is good for the environment.

These limits demand for more trees to make new tissue and avoids eyesore. Used tissue paper is ideal for wrapping other items or to make various crafts.

Apart from saving the use of some money, re-using tissue paper makes the person play their part in protecting the environment.

Bottom Line

Food tissue from a reputable supplier is safe for consumers and the environment.

This tissue is made from recyclable and 100 percent natural Kraft paper. Using this tissue is sustainable for environmentally friendly sources to limit exhaustion.

The best thing about using food tissue is the ability of the supplier to deliver the customized paper with your logo and in your brand color.

This is possible with the use of water-based dyes and vegetable inks that don’t compromise environmental friendliness.