Is Rahul Gandhi Really A Dumb Fellow?

Is Rahul Gandhi Really A Dumb Fellow

November 2nd, 2018   |   Updated on January 28th, 2022

Is Rahul Gandhi dumb? The question may have crossed your mind at some instance due to the increasing controversies against Rahul Gandhi and consistent mocking of his action on social media and news channels by opposition parties.

Rahul Gandhi

Even if you are a Congress party supporter, you may have witnessed some doubts about Rahul Gandhi credibility as the leader of the nation due to the false rumours that are spreading repeatedly in nation against him. These rumours, allegations and mockery are nothing but a result of his gaining popularity in common masses which emerge as a threat to oppression parties in upcoming elections.

Since the question has been asked is Rahul Gandhi dumb, let’s take a look into his personal and professional history to find out the correct answer.

Starting with education, Rahul Gandhi is among the most educated politicians on the nation. The majority of opposition part supporter who repeatedly ask is Rahul Gandhi dumb failed to realize that they have given the command of country in hands of a person who hardly completed his school education.

Even though they know the truth about our current PM educational qualifications, they came up with a new theory that experience is more important than education in ruling the nation. Well this so called experience of Mr. Modi has put the entire nation in economic crisis due to his failure to anticipate the result of demonization and GST. Who is dumb now?


Rahul Gandhi completed his education from some of the most prestigious schools and Universities of the world which may not be possible for a dumb fellow. He went to Harvard and Cambridge Universities which fall along the line of finest institutions in the world and some of the greatest businessmen, economists, scientist, etc have studies in these universities.

When one asks is Rahul Gandhi dumb, he or she failed to look over the fact that he won to 2004 Amethi election with a huge difference while making his debut in politics. No other politician has gained such tremendous response while entering into the politics. His victory put an end to his leadership abilities and he emerged as a beloved leader in the nation.

Continuing on the same path, he fielded a large number of youngsters in 2009 election in Uttar Pradesh election campaign which no other party or politician was able to do. He organised at least 125 rallies in UP in short period of six weeks only. This strategy resulted in massive victory of Congress party in Uttar Pradesh and Rahul Gandhi almost single handily won the elections. Congress won 21 Lok Sabha seats out of the total of 80 seats in 2009.

Under Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, the number of youngster in youth wings of Congress, NSUI and IYC increase for 2 lakh to twenty five lakh in a very short period of time. Have a look at this figure again before raising the question again, is Rahul Gandhi dumb?


He has been a motivation for youngster to take part in Indian politics. He once organised a meeting at his Tuglak Lane apartment to select at least 40 people who will constitute the think-tank of the Indian Youth Congress.

These are the few achievements of Rahul Gandhi which separate him from other politicians of the nation. Just because he is different, well educated and unbiased, it does not make him a dumb leader.

Choosing the wrong and corrupt politicians every time and believing that they will take the nation to new heights is what makes us dumb. So before mocking Rahul Gandhi, have a look at the other leaders serving the nation currently and you will find the answer to the question, who is really dumb in this equation?

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