23 Incredible Photos of Ivanka Trump Doesn’t Want The World To See

Ivanka Trump_3_USA

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May 14th, 2018   |   Updated on January 17th, 2024

Ivanka has been in the public eye for years. From attending luxury fashion shows with her mother since she was a pre-teen.

We did some digging and uncovered a few photos of Ivanka that she definitely wouldn’t want you to see. And of course, her father makes more than a few appearances in all his creepy glory.

These shocking pictures should have never seen the light of day, but thanks to the Internet, they will live online forever. Take a look at 20 photos Ivanka doesn’t want the world to see.

1. Bad Outfit Choice

Ivanka Trump wears sexy dress

The year was 2006, and Ivanka was 25-years-old and ready to get loose at a Halloween party at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. I’m not quite sure what she’s dressed up as. Maybe she’s channeling her mother circa 1970 because this outfit, that hair and that makeup, is a hell no!

2. Biker Pose

Sexy Ivanka Trump Biker Pose

Damn, Donald, with the creepy poses with his own daughter!

3. Getting Handsy

Hot Ivanka Trump Getting Handsy

This picture taken at the Republican National Convention looks like it can be harmless, but considering the other photos we have seen of Ivanka and Donald, we just had to include this awkward photo on the list.

4. Good Girl Gone Bad

Hot Ivanka Trump Good Girl Gone Bad

Ivanka can be seen pointing angrily and getting all hyped and nutty, while her siblings Eric, Donald Jr. and Tiffany look on.

5. Hard At Work

Hard at Work Sexy Hot Ivanka

In 2007, Harper’s Bazaar reached out to her for an interview and a photoshoot to discuss her business ventures. Then, someone at the publication must have convinced her that this photograph was a good idea, because she looks poised and comfortable, and she’s handling that jackhammer like a boss.

6. Hating Life

Hating Life

She would be dressed in the priciest designer fashions while smiling alongside her mom in every single photograph. But in this photo, it looks like someone caught Ivanka on a bad day.

7. Inappropriate Outfits

Inappropriate Outfits

14-year-old Ivanka was dragged out to yet another industry event with her socialite mother Ivana. Most children get embarrassed of their parents at some point, but you know Ivanka wanted to run and hide under a rock when she saw her mom step out in this outfit.

8. Party Time

Ivana And Ivanka

Ivana and Ivanka at the Channel Haute Couture fashion show collection in New York

9. Cute Moment

Ivanka and Donald Attend U. S. Open Tennis Championship

Ivanka and Donald Attend U. S. Open Tennis Championship

10. At Fashion Show

Ivanka At The Gianni Versace Fashion Show March 17, 1996

Ivanka At The Gianni Versace Fashion Show March 17, 1996

11. Lap Dance

Lap Dance

This photo of Ivanka and her dad should have been burned immediately after the film was developed at their local CVS. This candid photo was taken at the family’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida while the Beach Boys were performing for the family and their friends. Out of all the empty chairs on the estate, Ivanka decided to park it right on her dad’s lap. Okay, a daughter sitting on her dad’s lap. No big deal, right?

12. Dam! Cute

Marla, Donald and Ivanka

Marla, Donald and Ivanka at sixth on seventh spring collection

13. Really Bad Hair

Really Bad Hair

Many girls experiment with different hairstyles and hair colors. One day they may be a brunette and the very next day they could become a redhead.

14. The Before And After

The Before and After

Ivanka has never confirmed that she has gone under the knife, but this before and after picture definitely confirms that she has had some work done on her face.

15. The Tush

The Tush

Well, it looks like getting handsy is something that runs in the family. Donald isn’t the only one who likes to put his paws in inappropriate places while out in public. Paparazzi snapped this photo of Ivanka on vacation with her husband, Jared Kushner. The couple has been married since 2009, and they have three children together.

16. There Go Those Hands, Again

There Go Those Hands, Again

Do you think Ivanka looks back on this photo and cringes? We sure would if we were her! Another loving father-daughter moment is ruined by those damn hands. It’s like they have a mind of their own.

17. This Cannot Be Unseen

This Cannot Be Unseen

On top of that, this photo that cannot be unseen is the epitome of all things that are wrong with this father-daughter connection. Again, Ivanka is resting on her dad’s lap. Can someone get this girl a chair, please?

18. Those Boots

Those Boots

Both Donald and Ivanka are dressed casually until you scroll down and all of a sudden, it’s like, “Hellooooo, boots!” They’re so shiny, so huge so patent. We’re convinced she borrowed the footwear from her mom, or Marla, or whichever lady was in Donald’s life at the moment.

19.  Party Time

Trump Jr., Donald, Eric, Ivanka At Party

Trump Jr., Donald, Eric, Ivanka At Party

20. Get Ready Soon

Get Ready Soon

21. Polka Dot Party! The First Daughter Is Seen Wearing A J. Crew Sheath Dress While Leaving Her House In Washington, D.C.

Ivanka Trump_1

22. In White Lace Separates While Attending A News Conference In The White House’s Rose Garden

Ivanka Trump_1

23. In A Bedazzled Carolina Herrera Design At The Inaugural Ball On

Ivanka Trump_3

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