55 Ivanka Trump’s Life In Pictures On Her 36th Birthday

Ivanka Trump’s Life In Pictures On Her 36th Birthday

October 30th, 2017   |   Updated on March 28th, 2023

Ivanka Trump’s life has been marked by fame and public attention from a young age. As the daughter of a prominent business mogul and future president of the United States, she was thrust into the spotlight early on. Alongside her mother Ivana, Ivanka was often seen attending high-profile fashion shows and events, where she began to develop a keen sense of style and an eye for design.

As she grew older, Ivanka’s public profile continued to expand. She became a successful businesswoman in her own right, launching her own fashion and jewelry lines, and writing several books. Her entrepreneurial spirit and sharp business acumen earned her respect and admiration from many in the industry.

But it was her foray into politics that truly cemented her place in the public consciousness. After her father was elected president in 2016, Ivanka took on a key role in his administration, serving as a special advisor and focusing on issues like workforce development, education, and women’s empowerment.

Through it all, Ivanka has remained a polarizing figure in American public life, drawing both criticism and praise for her actions and beliefs. But there is no denying that she has left an indelible mark on the worlds of fashion, business, and politics, and continues to be a prominent figure in the public eye.

Ivanka Trump - Birthday Special


Ivanka Trump Long Overdue Taxreform Will Make Our Businesses Competitive, Simplify And Democratize The Tax Code, And Provide Much Needed Relief To American Working Families.

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Ivanka Trump Conversation With Sean Hannity

Ivanka Trump 3


Ivanka Trump Enjoyed Visiting Bucks County

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Ivanka Trump Meeting With Millennial Leaders At The White House

Ivanka Trump 5


Ivanka Trump Enjoy With His Son Joseph

Ivanka Trump 6


Ivanka Trump Share The Stage With These Amazing Women Leaders To Highlight The Importance Of Cross-sector Collaboration In Building The Workforce Of The Future.

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Ivanka Trump To Join Brad Smith, President Of Microsoft

Ivanka Trump 8


Ivanka Trump Just Signed A Presidential Memorandum Expanding Access To Computer Science And STEM Education For K-12 Students In The Us

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Ivanka Trump Inclusion Is Key To Empowering Women Globally.

Ivanka Trump 9


Ivanka Trump With His Little Nephew Luke…

Ivanka Trump 10


Ivanka Trump Overjoyed By These Beautiful Letters. Reading Them Is One Of The Highlights.

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Ivanka Trump Experiencing The Start Of The Eclipse2017 At The National Air And Space Museum With #NASA!

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Ivanka Trumpfor Eclipse2017? Remember To Wear Your Glasses NASA STEM

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Ivanka Trumpfor Girls Night!

Ivanka Trump 13


Ivanka Trumpfor Met With Military Spouses At The White House.

Ivanka Trump 14


Ivanka Trumpfor With President Awarded The Medal Of Honor To Private First Class James C. Mccloughan, A Vietnam Veteran Distinguished.

Ivanka Trump 15


Ivanka Trumpfor Eating Hot Dog In NYC

Ivanka Trump 16


Ivanka Trumpfor Eating Noodles For A Long Life!

Ivanka Trump 17


Ivanka Trumpfor At #Womenseconomicempowerment Function

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Ivanka Trumpfor With Husband

Ivanka Trump 19


Ivanka Trumpfor Photo. Lots Of Fun Tonight At The Congressional Picnic

Ivanka Trump 20


Ivanka Trumpfor Family Photo

Ivanka Trump 21


Ivanka Trumpfor At Her Daughter Arabella’s Last Day Of School!

Ivanka Trump 22


Ivanka Looked Incredibly Glamorous In Her Designer Outfit

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Ivanka Was Wearing The Same Oscar De La Renta Dress She Was Pictured In Earlier That Morning As She Made Her Way To Missouri To Join Her Father President Trump



While In Missouri, The President Will Speak About Tax Reform, With His Daughter Promising On Twitter He Would Announce Plans To ’empower All Americans

ivanka trump clothing


Ivanka Wore The Same White And Blue Dress She Had Modeled Earlier In The Day, But Added A Pair Of Dior Sunglasses To Her Look

ivanka trump age


President Donald Trump Was Joined On The Journey By Roy Blunt, The Senator From Missouri

ivanka trump pumps


Ivanka Stood Alongside Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin As Her Father Made His Announcement

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The Mom-of-three Was Seen Reaching Out Out To A Little Girl, Who Appeared To Come Over All Shy At Meeting The First Daughter

ivanka trump fashion


All Trace Of Ivanka’s Rather Gloomy Mood Earlier In The Day Had Disappeared By The Time She Arrived In Missouri

ivanka shoes


Ivanka Landed Back At The White House On Marine One Early In The Evening

ivanka trump dress collection


The First Daughter Was Carrying A White Handbag From Her Eponymous Fashion Line

trump ivanka


Ivanka Was In Missouri For Just A Matter Of Hours Before Returning To D.C.

trump shoes


Ivanka Looked Rather Gloomy As She Left Her Home Earlier That Morning

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Ivanka’s Moody Appearance Comes Less Than 48 Hours After It Was Claimed She Is Referred To As ‘princess Royal’ By White House Aides

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A Feature Published In Vanity Fair Also Claimed That She And Her Husband Jared Kushner Are Unhappy With Their Lives In D.C. Which Is Said To ‘puncture Their Self-esteem Every Day

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Ivanka Looked Much More Cheery On Monday Morning, Hours After Returning From A Weekend Away At Camp David

ivanka trump kids


The First Daughter Spent The Weekend With Jared And Their Three Children, As Well As Her Father, President Trump, First Lady Melania, And Their Son Barron

ivanka trump kids shoes


Ivanka’s Shy Daughter Arabella, Six, Hid From Cameras As The Family Returned To Washington, D.c. On Sunday Following Their Weekend Getaway At Camp David

trumps daughters


Despite Her Cheery Yellow Frock, Arabella Seemed Glum After Coming Back From The Brief Weekend Trip To The Maryland Retreat

ivanka trump designs


Ivanka Looked Happy And Relaxed Upon The Family’s Return, Wearing An All-white Ensemble Of Jeans And A Tank, With A Sweater Thrown Casually Around Her Shoulders

ivanka trump brand


Ivanka And Kids Head Back To D.C. After Weekend In New Jersey


Ivanka Flashed A Bright Smile And Waved As She Stepped Off Air Force One At Bismarck Municipal Airport

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Ivanka Trump Proudly Introduced Her Father, President Donald Trump, At Andeavor Refinery In Mandan, North Dakota

ivanka trump photos


The 35-year-old Shared A Kiss On The Cheek With Her Father Before He Took The Stage

ivanka trump age


The First Daughter Seemed To Be Enjoying Herself As She Greeted The Crowd At The Airport

ivanka trump bikini


Ivanka Was Traveling With Her Father To Promote His Tax Overhaul Pitch

melania trump photo


Ivanka Happily Chatted With The Group As The Made Their Way Out Of The Airport After Their Arrival In North Dakota

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The First Daughter Looked Thrilled To Have Accompanied Her Father On The Trip

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Ivanka Looked Far Gloomier When She Stepped Off Marine One At Joint Base Andrews Earlier In The Day

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Ivanka Stepped Out In An All-beige Ensemble On Morning, Cinching In The Waist Of Her Outfit With A Wide Leather Belt

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The Mother-Of-Three Kept A Very Straight Face As She Made Her Way Out Of The Washington, D.C. Home She Shares With Husband Jared Kushner

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Ivanka Made Her Way To A Waiting SUV Which Was Ready To Whisk Her To The White House, Where She Works As A Senior Adviser To Her Father

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