Jessica Alba Shows Off Her Skimpy Purple Bikini On Beach

Jessica Alba

April 29th, 2018   |   Updated on June 2nd, 2020

Jessica Alba looked fetching in a purple string bikini as she swam off the shore of Lahaina, Hawaii on Friday afternoon

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The California native seemed to be uncomfortable with her teeny bikini, however, as she pulled at it here and there as she waded in the water then got out to towel off

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The star was talking to a man who had a device on his head that looked like modified snorkeling gear

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The Into The Blue star showed off some toned and tanned legs as she walked up to the beach

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Jessica, who is estimated to be worth a fortune thanks to The Honest Company, was seen smiling after her dip in the ocean

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The siren wore some nifty designer sunglasses that looked to have see-through frames

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The cover girl was also seen hugging her husband of eight years. The beauty put both arms around the executive as he stood up in the water with a hat on.

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Alba, who wore a diamond wedding band in the waters, pulled together her top at one point while making a face

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While walking back down to the water, the silver screen goddess brought a lid for Cash

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She told the HuffingtonPost UK last week that feeling good makes you look good. ‘I think confidence is always the thing that I’m taken a back by when a woman is walking into a room

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The movie star got in some exercise as she paddle boarded for a while as she wore a white dress

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She then sat down for a bit, no doubt fatigued by the warm tropical climate

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Alba was wearing the same dress when she walked with her daughter Honor in Los Angeles days earlier

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source : dailymail.co.uk