Keep These Dos and Don’ts in Mind When Using Hired Skip Bins

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Published on October 3rd, 2018

When it comes to waste and rubbish management, skip bins are a great solution for both homes and businesses as waste removal experts pick up and dispose of waste and rubbish at your site.

They’re practical and affordable because you need not worry about getting rid of waste yourself, and this frees you up to do other important and more pressing things.

If you’re looking to hire a skip bin, here are some dos and don’ts to ensure you go about it the right way.

Do Let The Waste Removal Company Know What Type Of Waste And Rubbish You Want Disposed Of


As well, let the company know the amount of waste and rubbish you have. This is important because certain types of waste are not allowed in skip bins.

Furthermore, knowing the type and size of the waste helps the company estimate the weight of the waste and determine the appropriate size of the bin to provide you with.

Classifications Of Waste Include:

  • General waste – Household and yard rubbish including clothes, wood materials, carpets, toys, cardboard, recyclable plastics, documents, papers, glass, and tree stumps of a specified diameter.
  • Bricks, concretes and tiles only
  • Steel and aluminum only
  • Clean fill or soil only – Sand, dirt and soil, excluding rocks and pebbles.
  • Green waste only – Organic waste such as barks, branches, yard clippings, shrub, and grass.


  • Sort your waste and rubbish- After declaring the types and amounts of waste and rubbish you want disposed of, sort it according to the classifications above in order to make the process of disposal easier.
  • Keep in mind the weight restrictions of your skip bins- If you think the amount of waste you have might exceed the weight limits of your provider, let them know so that you can discuss your options. Otherwise, if you go above the weight allowed, there will be additional charges.
  • Maximize of the capacity of the skip bin provided- When loading waste into the skip bin, start with the heavier items. Maximize space by disassembling furniture. When you leave empty spaces in your skip bin, you’re essentially paying for air.


  • Put prohibited or undeclared waste into the skip bin- Things not allowed in skip bins include oils, liquids, paint, chemicals, empty chemical containers, gas cylinders, explosives, batteries and other hazardous materials. In case you think your waste may contain asbestos, let your provider know so that that they can dispose of it safely.
  • Don’t fill the skip bin until it overflows- Filling the skip bin to the rim present safety risks when transporting it. Moreover, transporting overflowing skip bins is illegal, meaning the driver of the truck may face legal penalties.

Hire Skip Bins From Experienced Waste Management Companies

When you hire skip bins from reputable providers such as supremeskipbinsadelaide.com.au, they will guide you through all the steps, from sorting your waste and rubbish to identifying the right type of skip bin to hire.

That way, you can be sure that you have all the dos and don’ts covered and your waste disposal is safe and effective.