How To Keep Your Backyard Neat And Organized


January 3rd, 2019   |   Updated on January 8th, 2019

There’s so much more to a home than what’s inside it. According to research and reporting by the Washington Post, real estate agents across the mid-Atlantic are seeing a growing trend in outdoor living and entertainment spaces.

People want more out of their backyard than what they’re getting out of it. But creating a fabulous-looking backyard comes with an increase in responsibility to keep it neat and organized to actually enjoy it.

As you create that outdoor oasis full of comfortable living and entertainment options, build a strategy around organizing it without the headaches. Here’s how to get started.

1. Upgrade Your Shed

The Playground

A backyard shed offers prime real estate for hiding away lawnmowers, extra chairs, toys and more. But there are tons of options to choose from, whether you want a traditional or ultra-modern shed.

Standard sheds in gray or beige tones can blend into the background without creating a fuss, but you can also opt for sheds that look like tiny cottages or houses for a style refresh.

Whatever you choose, make sure to add shelving, hooks and/or compartments to keep your backyard tools and toys tidy and organized. Throwing it all into the shed in a pile just leaves more work later when trying to unearth your tools.


2. Get Creative With Storage

Keep Your Backyard Neat And Organized

Unless you have dedicated space in your garage or driveway, trash and recycling often end up in the backyard. Instead of ignoring it and pushing it into the corner, invest in shelving that fits a bin for recycling and an area to slide your garbage can into.

You can even finish it off with a weatherized, outdoor fabric curtain. And while you’ve got shelving on your mind, grab an old bookcase and add a weather-resistant finish to store outdoor games, cups, snacks and more.

You can paint your shelving in a number of ways, like pastels to add a whimsical flower garden look to enhance your backyard.


3. Create Zones

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Your backyard isn’t a storage area and needs space and intentionality to create a look you love. Get organized by creating zones for different purposes, from entertaining to playtime.

For example, devote a corner of a yard to a playset or sports equipment, and create an outdoor entertainment area complete with an outdoor bar or kitchen and movie projector. But keep everything within the zone by thinking of your yard as having invisible walls to keep your zones separate and purposeful.


4. Simplify The Landscaping

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

You can organize your backyard all day but still feel like something is missing without the right landscape strategy. A neat and organized backyard needs complementary landscaping to go with it. Clear the weeds, edge the grass and trim down bushes and hanging tree limbs to kickstart your landscape.

Next, organize a small garden with a wood frame to give some differentiation between lawn and flowers or fresh veggies. Or you can think vertical and create a garden with climbing tomatoes or potted herbs and small veggies hanging neatly along the wall of your home. Whatever you choose, focus on keeping your backyard simple and easy to maintain.

If you struggle with yard work and actually enjoying your outdoor space, keeping your backyard neat and organized will revolutionize the way you live. Once everything is tucked away, has its own place and is cleaned up; you’ll find your backyard is your new favorite at-home space.