7 Tips To Keep Your Live Bait Fresh

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Published on November 14th, 2018

Fishing is more than a recreation sport for those who love it! People who are into fishing love to keep everything well-arranged and follow a specific discipline. It is the reason why they prefer live bait.

Undoubtedly, live bait is the best bait one can ask for. It is real, both regarding smell and looks. And it is essential that people work towards ensuring that live bait stays fresh and in the best condition.

Fishing is a fulfilling recreational activity. Are you a live bait angler? If yes, then in all possibilities you resonate with the following aspects:

  • You stay in a state or country that has legalized live bait fishing
  • You have a boat or any other equipment that would keep the bait alive
  • You are allowed to fish at a fishery that obtains or buys live bait when required

As a natural fall out, today most fishers would prefer to have the bait live. You might have a couple of other back up plans, but your primary emphasis is ways to keep the live bait well. And if you have been searching for ways and means to do so, discussed below are the best seven ways to preserve a live bait.

1. Make Sure There’s A Safe And Fast Transition

Live Bait

If you are placing the live bait from one water environment to the other, you need to do that smoothly and fast! The process of change is troublesome and challenging for the bait that has been breathing and living in an entirely new environment. If you have hooked your bait, make sure that you remove the same to avert any damage. You need to keep the baits back in the water fast. Don’t land the bait on a smash or deck while you transfer them to a new environment.


2. Manage The Water Temperature

Water Temperature

Most fishes thrive in a chosen temperature. The same applies to the baits as well. You will require an insulated live well that allows temperature regulation. It is necessary to make sure that the water is at an ideal range for the live baits. A cooler temperature is the preferred range. It’s because most baits are well suited for cooler water temperature. Their metabolism rates slowdown in cooler temperature, and the baits can survive better and longer.

On the other hand, if the water is hot, the baits will get overwhelmed. It will also sap away the oxygen content of the water fast. The baits will start to excrete extra waste in the water only. Warm water further will result in the growth of bacteria inside the tank.


3. Oxygenate And Aerate


The bait fish also needs to breathe. Hence, a constant flow of fresh oxygen is an essential element for keeping the live bait healthy, active and alive. Water that doesn’t move has enormous oxygen in it, and it will get consumed gradually. You can induce fresh oxygen by getting a new flow of water from the fishing environment or making use of an oxygen infuser. If you are making use of a pump, make sure that you have a backup installed or to swap if your primary pump fails.


4. Use A Live Bait Cooler

Bait Cooler

One of the latest developments in the world of live bait fishing is the liver bait containers or coolers. These aesthetically designed and manufactured boxes help to maintain a clean, oxygenated environment with heavyweight air rock. It helps to generate end-to-end rotational activity.

The tables also have an elastic silicone air hose which gets sprinkled via the lid. It helps to avert any leakage when moving from one place to the other. It also enables the entire filling to minimize the sloshing having instabilities inside. To know more on this, you can browse through Best Engel Live Bait Coolers and Accessories (October 2018) – Tackle.org and check out for more information.


5. You Need To Maintain A Clean Tank

Bait Cooler

When you go fishing, you welcome the water contaminants. And it’s there almost everywhere from the lubricants, fuels, oils, ammonia, bacteria as well as few other chemicals that the bait will give out all through their lifecycle. It is true especially when they die entirely. If you want to stop the bacterial growth, go ahead and paint your tank with a pool. You can then clean it quickly. Make sure that your hand is clean when you are working with the baits inside the container.

When you are not using the tank, make sure the lid remains closed. It will not let any unwanted liquid from entering the tank. It’s crucial to ensure that the dead baits get removed from your container. It’s because the dead baits will naturally excrete out chemicals like ammonia the moment they are dead. Always keep a watch on the tank, so that you know what to do when.


6. Maintain The Water Flow

Bait Cooler

The water in the tank must be clean in addition to apt water-flow rate and correct temperature. Appropriate flow will enable the water to remain clean. You also need to install a perfect filter. When the current is little, it might minimize the oxygen levels.

Furthermore, a very high flow will tire the baits completely. The baits that mill around the tank are the healthy ones. They always swim against the current. And when the current is quicker than the baits acclimatized, then they might get a tad bit sluggish.


7. Prepare And Cure Baits


Last but not least, cleaning or preparing baits is essential. It depends on the bait hardiness. You need to implement this to enhance the chances of your baits being alive on the water. The trick is to keep the live bait captive for a couple of days before placing them in a live well.

For the ones who love it with all their heart fishing is both a discipline and an art. And using these seven guidelines live bait anglers can effectively keep their baits live. Additionally, they can also leverage the new age live bait coolers and other similar devices as well, that helps to improve the quality of live baits and the overall fishing experience.