Kim Kardashian Was Left Shocked When Unflattering Bikini Pictures Of Her Surfaced Online

Kim Kardashian In Bikini

March 31st, 2018   |   Updated on February 26th, 2024

Kim Kardashian was left shocked when unflattering bikini pictures of her surfaced online and even insisted they were digitally altered to make her look ‘way worse’ than she really did.

The mother-of-two has thrown herself into an intense diet and fitness overhaul since returning from Mexico two months ago.

And she showed how hard she’d been working as she completed a grueling workout on morning, running up and down the steps of a Los Angeles stadium.

Kardashian sweats her way through grueling work out on morning in Los Angeles after THOSE unflattering bikini pictures inspired fitness overhaul

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Pounding up and down the steep flight of stairs, she worked up a sweat with her trainer at her side


The fitness regime was inspired by these unflattering bikini pictures, which she insists were ‘Photoshopped’ to make her look ‘way worse’ than she really did


The reality star was dressed for the occasion in a body baring workout kit comprising of a pair of high waisted skin tight leggings and a skimpy halter neck bra


After completing her leg and thigh workout, it was time to train her arms – with Kim using the monkey bars to do a series of chin ups

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She decided to get into shape after seeing unflattering April beach pictures


The reality star uses her arms to help herself down from a platform


Kim gets up at 5.30am to work out before her children wake for the day


The mom of two surveys the scene before heading down the stairs once more

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Kim made sure to drink enough water on the warm California day


With her new fitness guru, Kim says she’s learned to eat more of the right things


Kim threw on a sweatshirt after her sweaty workout was complete

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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