New Adventure In Bohemia: Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 Arrives In 2024

kingdom come deliverance 2 release date

Published on April 19th, 2024

Warhorse Studios, a game development company based in the Czech Republic, has announced the upcoming release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2, set to launch in 2024.

On April 18, Warhorse Studios unveiled Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 with a trailer, following a hint dropped on April 11 via Twitter.

The trailer reintroduces players to the late-medieval kingdom of Bohemia, where the action-adventure RPG is set.

Players will revisit the year 1403, stepping into the shoes of Henry of Skalitz once more as he seeks vengeance for his family’s murder within the Holy Roman Empire.

The game promises a vast open world, meaningful RPG decisions, and the return of its immersive first-person melee combat system.

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Each sword swing and arrow shot is expected to carry significant impact, enhancing the player’s experience.

Warhorse Studios emphasizes improved gameplay mechanics and graphics for Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2.

How long Is Kingdom Come?

kingdom come deliverance 2

The game boasts over five hours of cinematic cutscenes, indicating a heightened level of production compared to its predecessor.

Creative director Daniel Vávra describes the sequel as what the original game aimed to be initially but lacked the resources and expertise to achieve.

The scope of Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 extends with a world size that has been doubled, providing players with more expansive landscapes to explore and interact with.

This enlargement offers greater opportunities for exploration and discovery within the game’s setting.

Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 A Sequel?

Kingdom Come Deliverance - Console game

The sequel boasts a longer and more epic storyline, offering players an enriched gaming experience.

The narrative is crafted to engage both returning players familiar with the original game and newcomers to the series.

Despite being a direct continuation of the original game’s story, Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2 is designed to welcome newcomers to the series.

The plot is written in a manner that eases new players into the world and narrative, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

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Henry of Skalitz returns as the main character, continuing his journey within the Holy Roman Empire.

While fans of the first game will find familiarity in his character, newcomers will be introduced to Henry’s story in a way that is accessible and engaging.

The majority of the sequel to Kingdom Come: Deliverance will unfold within the expansive royal city of Kuttenberg, along with its extensive countryside adorned with taverns, bathhouses, castles, and other locales.

kcd 2 release date

Henry remains steadfast on his journey for retribution following the tragic demise of his parents, culminating in a showdown against Sigismund Luxembourg, known as the Red Fox, who reigns as the King of Hungary and later ascends to the position of Holy Roman Emperor.

While rooted in a medieval saga, the trailer also showcases lighter moments in Henry’s journey, including British humor, tavern brawls, and picturesque landscapes.

This blend of serious narrative and comedic relief adds depth to the gaming experience.