What Medical Experts Know About The Coronavirus

Know About The Coronavirus

January 29th, 2020   |   Updated on April 21st, 2021

There is a lot of mystery surrounding coronavirus and experts also want to help you out regarding the same. A man in 30s from Washington state is one of the first case of Coronavirus which is also confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr. Adrian Hyzler who works as the Chief Medical Officer for Healix International has informed us a lot about the virus.

Medical Experts Have Shared

  1. Present coronavirus which is infecting humans is of the seventh type. There is a complete range of coronaviruses based on their level of seriousness.
  2. The origin of the virus is believed to be alive in seafood markets in Wuhan. Initially, the virus had infected some people locally and was identified as coronavirus. Later it was found out that the virus has spread internationally.
  3. Now, one of the major risk factors is the Lunar New Year, next week. Millions of people will travel to and from China increasing the risk of the disease being spread.
  4. Only the developed countries could afford the testing of coronavirus because the testing is both complex and expensive. Undeveloped countries might take some time to do the same. There is also another risk that there might be some countries where the virus is not identified and thus when the same is identified then the cases will increase substantially.
  5. Senior aged people, children, and pregnant women and also people who already have some disease can be suffered from this virus.

Some Mysteries About This Virus Which Experts Are Figuring Out

  1. Which animal is responsible for the transmission of this virus
  2. The frequency of the spread of this virus is unknown
  3. It is also not clear as to how long the virus stays on the air surface
  4. Experts are clueless about the incubation period becoming infected and developing symptoms. It is still unclear that at which stage the patient becomes infectious.

At present, there is no vaccine for this disease and it might take some years to come up with a vaccine. Currently, the countries should focus on the spread of this virus.

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