What Should You Know Before You Buy A Security IP Camera?

What Should You Know Before You Buy a Security IP Camera3

Published on December 13th, 2018

Feeling secures is one of the basic needs of humanity. We all need to have somewhere where we feel comfortable and safe. No one wants their security to be compromised, or to have the feeling like their home isn’t safe!

According to a report by NASP (National Association for Shoplifting Prevention), every year more than $13 billion worth of goods are stolen from retailers. Unfortunately, that number is increasing day by day. This report highlights how poor security can be for retailers and small business owners. So what could possibly be the best solution for this problem?

A security IP camera is an amazing solution for your security needs! The cameras can be great for guarding your important items, helping police find out criminal identities, and protecting your business! Here are some of the things you should know before you buy a security IP camera!

What is an IP camera?

What Should You Know Before You Buy a Security IP Camera3

First things first, what exactly is an IP camera? An IP camera is a special type of digital video camera which works on the basis of Internet Protocol (IPv4 protocol), not analog closed-circuit television (CCTV) signals. This means that the IP camera can be accessed via the internet and the CCTV can only be accessed by the closed circuit.

The difference between these two types of security cameras means that you can access your security feed for the IP camera from anywhere in the world, as long as you have the internet! The IP security camera is mostly used for surveillance-related tasks because of its accessibility. It is also attachable with Camera Drone also.

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Buying a security IP camera does NOT have to be difficult. Since it isn’t that popular of an item, finding information on this product can sometimes be hard. That’s why we have assembled a brief and simple guideline on what you should you know before you buy a security IP camera!

Here are some easy to follow tech-related explanations and details for the everyday consumer!

Choose Your IP Security Camera Type

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There are 4 different types of IP cameras available on the market. Knowing the basic details and utilities of each one will help you to make the right choice for your individual needs!

  • Bullet cameras: This one looks the same as CCTV camera and is called bullet for its cylindrical shape. If you are looking for an easily installable camera, then it will be the best for you.
  • Dome cameras: A dome camera is highly vandal-resistant and weather-proof. The installation process is a little bit tricky. Quality wise, it is better than bullet cameras and fit best for commercial tasks.
  • Mini-dome cameras: It is also called turret style camera. It is better than dome cameras and is more vandal-resistant. That’s why most of the experts suggest this over dome cameras.
  • Indoor cube cameras: You can fit it in the corner of the ceiling, or any flat surface. It has built-in microphones and speakers and you can use it for door phones and baby monitors.

When looking into which type of camera you want for your home or business, it’s a great idea to read through consumer reviews. Reviews like this one for the Canary All-In-One will not only give you a great perspective, but detailed insights you may not get from the manufacturer’s website!


1. Video Resolution and Quality

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In IP cameras, the resolution is based on the number of pixels in each frame. So, the combination of higher pixels and sensors ensure higher video quality. Our minimum recommendation is to use the 2MP camera, or higher . An IR enabled camera will be better for recording video at night.


2. Storage Option

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There are some IP cameras that have a built-in storage option. These can range up to approximately 128 GB. But those are costly. So, you should rely on external storage like a hard drive.

3. Wireless Functions

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Wireless connectivity is a must-have feature in an IP security camera or a digital camera. With a wireless-enabled IP camera, you can observe what is happening from anywhere with internet. You can then take the necessary precautions to protect your property!


4. Power Source

Know Before You Buy A Security IP Camera

There are two types of power source available for the IP camera. One is from direct current and other is from the battery source. Batter powered ones are very portable. You can use them from anywhere, but not recommended for daily use. For long term and heavy use, there is no better option than the direct power source.

Final Words

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Technology has given us a way to look after our belongings, loved ones, and properties whether we are present or not. Finding the right security camera to suit your needs doesn’t have to be difficult! You can rest easy knowing a modern IP camera is watching over what you prize most!