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Does He Really Love You? Answer These 20 Questions To Know His True Feeling


Published on June 14th, 2019

You want to be respected and loved by him. It is the important sign whether he is interested in a serious relationship or not. Does he really respect and love you? Take this quiz to know his true feeling.

1. When Did You Hear Him Saying "I Love You" For The First Time?

2. Family And Other People Are Important Parts Of His Life. Has He Introduced You To His Friends And Family?

3. What Does He Do Whenever You Feel Sick?

4. What Does He Find Most Attractive In You?

5. 'we’, ‘you’, ‘i’: Which Word Does He Use The Most?

6. Have You Ever Heard Him Talking About The Future, With You Being A Part Of It?

7. Does He Hate To Share About His Past, His Fears And His Insecurities?

8. What About The Bed?

9. What He Loves To Do Together?

10. How Do You Settle Arguments?

11. How Does He Respond When You Sit On His Lap?

12. What Is The Favorite Topic Of Conversation For Him?

13. How Does He React When You Have Had A Big Success?

14. Did He Take Hours To Call Back?

15. Does He Set Rules How Often And Where He Can See You?

16. Does He Spend The Holidays With You?

17. Is It True That No One Knows He Has A Girlfriend?

18. Does He Often Look For Ways He Can Be Of Service To You?

19. Does He Care About Your Career?

20. Does He Want To Cuddle?