3 Reasons It Is Important To Always Know Where Your Social Security Card Is

Social Security Card

November 21st, 2018   |   Updated on December 5th, 2018

Where is your national security card? Most likely, just like many other people, this question has caught you by surprise. For the sake of clarification in case you don’t know, a social security card is a government social identification document that is issued to all U.S. citizens as well as the eligible U.S. residents upon successful application.

Considering the significance of this document, it is important for you to know where it is all the time. Why? Well, because of these three major reasons:

1. For Official State Identification Document Replacement

For Official State Identification Document Replacement

Perhaps you just lost your official state identification document and you want to access official services including the official state identification replacement. In such a case, the presentation of your social security card alongside other necessary documents comes in handy.


2. For New Employment Documentation

Employment Documentation

Whenever you are hired by a new employer, you’ll be required to present a copy of your national social security card or at least the number itself. Employers use the Social Security numbers of their employees for reporting their incomes, state income taxes and social security wages to the relevant government bodies.

Therefore, if you intend to get into new employment in future, you need to keep the card safe and know where it is all the time. In case of an urgent of an employee, your prospective employer won’t give you time to look for the card; they’ll just pick the other qualified candidate with the card ready.

It can be a very disheartening experience when you’ve passed a job interview but you can’t be hired simply because you don’t have the card. Don’t wait until such happens. If you have lost or misplaced yours, you can simply get your social security card replacement online without hassle. However, note that you can replace your Social Security Card only thrice per year and up to 10 times in your lifetime.


3. To Avoid Identity Theft

To Avoid Identity Theft

Your social security card has, among other details, your social security number (SSN). If somebody malicious, such as a thief or fraudster, gets your card, he/she may use the SSN on it to steal your identity, particularly if they know your names or have other documents containing your full names.

Disguised in your identity by using the card and your names, among other crucial information about you, the person can go ahead to steal your tax refunds, open a bank account or apply for credit purchases. Even worse, in case of a criminal, he/she can use the card and other identifying factors to pretend to be you.

By the time you are alerted, the damage will already have been done; ruined reputation, legal issues and/or costs to pay. To avoid all these, ensure that you always know where your social security card and personal other identification documents are.

A national security card is a very crucial document that should be kept safely and privately all the time. If you can’t find yours, report the matter to your local social security office and apply for a replacement soonest possible.

Pics Source: pixabay.com, commons.wikimedia.org