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Shocking Moment!! What Bizarre Method Did The Woman Use To Scare Off A Terrifying Crocodile?


Published on October 17th, 2016

The woman was lucky to escape with her life.

This is the shocking moment a woman stands on water’s edge with her dog and taunts an oncoming crocodile with her sandal.

Local crocodile enthusiast Lyndon Anlezark captured a shocking confrontation between a woman, a dog and a large saltwater crocodile at Cahill’s Crossing on the East Alligator River, in Kakadu National Park, a notorious stretch of crocodile-infested water in Australia’s Northern Territory.

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She walked right to the edge of crocodile-infested waters with her tiny dog at Cahill’s Crossing in Australia’s Kakadu National Park without a care in the world. She didn’t even seem worried when one curious crocodile started swimming straight for them. She was confident that her shoe would protect her.

Shocking moment woman uses a SANDAL to scare off huge crocodile



A woman was filmed trying to spook away an enormous saltwater crocodile



The woman casually took one sandal off and slapped it to spook away the oncoming croc


Local crocodile enthusiast Lyndon Anlezark, who was filming the confrontation from a safe viewing spot above, said the woman was lucky to escape with her life



There are almost 130 saltwater crocodiles in the river connected to Cahill’s Crossing, where the footage was filmed



Veteran crocodile ranger Gary Linder condemned the behaviour of tourists and locals who believe they are invincible


The latest Parks Australia monitoring survey counted almost 130 saltwater crocodiles in the six-kilometre East Alligator River, which connects to Cahill’s Crossing.

Many of those crocodiles were healthy adults, some measuring upwards of 4.5 metres.

That is one seriously lucky break.Watch the video 


Yes, this woman’s weird method and presence of mind really did work, but you should not try this.