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Published on October 1st, 2019

1. What Is The Name Of The New Scheme Lanched By The Government To Tackle Inherited Genetic Diseases Of Newborn Babies

2. 23 September, 2019 Was Celebrated As:

3. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has started fresh probe against which country for providing false data?

4. Who Has Announced To Launch A "Clean Air Coalition". This Coalition Will Be Led By The Government Of Spain And

5. Zoological Survey Of India (ZSI) Of India Has Discovered A New Species Of Frog Microhyla Eos In Which Of The Following States?

6. This Player Has Won FIFA Player Of The Year Award For Record Sixth Time. Who Is He?

7. Dozens Of People Dressed In Black Went On A “Funeral March” To Mark The The Disappearance Of An Alpine Glacier. Alpine Glacier Is Located In Which Country?

8. Shondol Dance Was Recently In The News For Entering Into The Guinness Book Of World Record. Which Of The Following Regions Of India You Can Identify This Dance With?

9. Which Film Has Been Nominated As India's Official Entry To Oscars 2020?

10. Who Has Won F1 Singapore Grand Prix In Ferrari One-Two?

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