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How To Lead Life Without Any Baggage?

Lead Life Without Any Baggage

November 6th, 2018   |   Updated on November 7th, 2018

So you are in your 30’s and already in the state of panic what will happen when you turn 40. You got all that anxiety and inquisitiveness how your life would be then. You will be reaching an altogether different threshold of life.

Perhaps you may have such a phase when you were crossing your teens. Similar jittery people experience when they turn 30. 40 will be no different from the earlier phase. In fact, every decade is marked with some change physically as well as mentally.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice how you want to age. You can drag your years or leave some lifetime memories. Experience is the best way to give you a sense of achievement. There are certain things that you enjoy maximum at a certain age.

Lead Life Without Any Baggage

Any milestone of your age should be the reason to smile when you look back rather than a reason for melancholy.

Life is the best gift we got, it should be lived kingsize. So before you turn 40 you must try few things so that you welcome it with grace.

Even if you are above 40 it’s never too late to lead a baggage-free life. Some of the ways you can adapt to lead the desired life are as follows.

1. Experiential Travelling

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You must be traveling occasionally during your vacations to an exotic location but how often you travel to connect with locals? Experiential traveling is all about getting immersed with the culture and climate of the place you visit. Unlike a luxury trip, it’s all about moving out of your comfort zone and adapting to the culture of the place you visit.

Experiential Travelling has got a great impact on people mindset and their entire grooming. After taking such trips you will come back as changed person of course all for good and personal growth. Taking a couple of such trips before you turn 40 may change your entire outlook towards life. You may enter 40 with all the wisdom you have acquired through these kinds of travel.


2. Chase Your Passion

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You must have heard “If you choose passion as your work than you don’t have to work for a day” it’s so true. All you need to do is just analyze what you like doing and start pursuing it and things start following in place. For choosing your passion you must be aware of what motivates you or gives you a kick. Once you know it then you can always give it a chase.


3. Stay Disease Free

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One of the ways to enjoy your life is to manage your health well. You must do a regular check-up for early diagnosis of disease. To manage your expenses for any disease you must buy a suitable health insurance plan. You can choose to take a hassle-free cashless treatment with the help of these health insurance plans.


4. Try Adventure Sports


There are plenty of adventure sports to choose from. You must try a few of them to live life completely. Some of the adventure sports you must have already tried but there may be many more that you may still like to explore. Try to cover as much adventure sports as possible. Some of them that you would like to try can be as follows.


Adventure Sports

1 Kayaking
2 Paragliding
3 Bungee Jumping
4 Trekking
5 Hot Air Ballooning
6 Mountain Cycling
7 Parasailing
8 Zorbing
9 Skiing
10 Mountain Biking
11 Rock Climbing
12 Hiking
13 Desert Camping
14 Flying Fox
15 Zipping


5. Become a Fitness Freak

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This is one of the must things that you should do before 40. You may be able to build better endurance if you get in habit of regular workout before you turn forty. You can choose any form of a workout as suitable. It can be cardio or doing weights.

You can also try to take sessions on Aerobics, Zumba or any other form of rigorous free hands workout. Pilates and Power Yoga are few popular workouts that benefit many. It can not only help you in controlling your weight but also staying fit. Once you start doing any kind of workout on a regular basis it becomes a habit.


6. Buy your Dream Attire

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You might be fascinated with that fabulous evening gown on the mannequin in the showroom but stop yourself as that might be out of the budget. Ever wonder how can you possess it even though it looks impossible? With smart financial planning, it can be easily possible. Few years before you turn 40 you can start saving for your dream attire. If you continue doing it for a period of a year you can surely buy that dress with ease.


7. Heal the Pain

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Ensure not to enter in your 40’s with any baggage. You can resolve any issue by doing the root cause analysis of the same. It may not be an easy process. You may need to dig deeper and deeper to figure out what is impacting your energy. Try to stay away from energy vampires in this process. You can get in touch with healing practitioners.

No one is perfect you need to learn to deal with people. Dealing can be easy with a good amount of self-awareness. Reaching the self-awareness state needs some digging which may not be a simple task. You may choose to do that yourself if you think you can. But that will need a lot of practice and meditation.


8. Dance As No One is Watching

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All work and no play can make anyone dull. You need to strike a balance between your work and social life. Make a habit of work hard and party harder and you will rock. You can try to join any group and go out frequently. This will not only fulfill your need of association but enhance your productivity. The fun you will end up having will be a phenomenon.


9. Challenge Yourself

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Unless you challenge you will not be able to get the desired change that you want. You should not just start believing what people tell you. Fire in you should be alive always no matter how old you are. Keep the fighting spirit on and this habit will make your 40 like a piece of cake.


10. Date Your Crush

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So you like someone in your office or in the gym or from any other circle? What are you waiting for? The right time is now. Talk to him or her, express your love in an explicit or subtle way as far as the feelings are conveyed. You only have a chance of getting lucky if you give it a shot.


11. Save For a Rainy Day

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Its good to maintain the desired lifestyle, You can achieve it with ease. But whatever expenses you may have always think about the future perspectives of the same. Best way to secure your future is through some Investments. This will prevent you from making unnecessary expenses.

Your funds that are invested can give you many additional benefits. Some of them can be saving tax. You may be lucky to build a wealth if your money stays invested for a longer duration.


12. Secure your Life

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Our center of happiness is our family. Love that we share with them is unparallel. You must have set some milestones for them and along with them. Can you ensure to achieve them if you expire or meet any serious accident? Yes with the help of a suitable term insurance plan it’s possible for you to secure your life.

There are man plans that you can choose from. Some plan also provides the assured amount upon your survival. The essence of life is leading a stressfree lifestyle by securing your life.


13. Bounce Back

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No matter how tough your past has been you are capable to rise. Even if you were victimized you can always become a victor with the right mindset. All you need is some strength and believe in yourself.


14. Give Charity

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You can always give back to society a certain percentage of your hard earned money. This will not only benefit many but the inner bliss that you can achieve will be unparallel. You can always plan to have a tie-up with few NGO in order to achieve the same.


15. Socialise & Network

Theme Party

Life is all about meeting and greeting people. Meet as many people as possible. More people you meet better exposure you will get. Kind of people you are connected with tells a lot about you. Connect with people whom you can lean on and who can help in your growth. Of course, it goes without saying you need to contribute to their growth as well.


16. Attend Seminars

Attend Seminars

Attending seminars once a month can enhance your knowledge. It can also help in connecting with better people. If money is a constraint than try attending free seminars. There are many institutes that conduct free workshops to promote themselves. The exposure you get by attending these seminars can help in your personal growth to great extent.


17. Move-on


One of the important things that you can do at any threshold is moving on from any kind of agony or pain that you may have. It may sound easy but will require lots of efforts. You must stay strong to adopt any change, build a conducive support system. All your efforts may yield the desired result gradually. You must stay patient and we at PolicyX hope for the best results.

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