League Of Legends Down: How To Check

League of Legends down

September 21st, 2023   |   Updated on October 11th, 2023

League of Legends is currently grappling with service disruptions in specific regions, leading to login problems for affected users. Many players have voiced their concerns on social media platforms, including Twitter.

The real-time outage tracker, DownDetector, also reflects these issues in certain areas.

While no official statement has been released yet, the League of Legends service team is actively monitoring various channels for updates.

Over recent months, League of Legends has encountered various maintenance-related difficulties.

The ranked queues were temporarily disabled to investigate and resolve issues, and chat problems have been acknowledged and are actively being addressed.

Additionally, scheduled maintenance has occasionally caused temporary unavailability of the game.

While some user reports on DownDetector have indicated downtime, official support hasn’t always recognized these problems. Nonetheless, these outages typically get resolved swiftly once reported.

Most recently, frustrated players have taken to Twitter and DownDetector to express their grievances about recurring server issues, despite the absence of an official acknowledgment.

These players demand better service and stability. Nevertheless, the League of Legends team has been diligently monitoring and tackling these concerns, consistently resolving glitches in a timely manner.

During such outages, it’s crucial for players to stay informed and patient. The service provider is continually working to enhance server stability and address any arising issues.

Players are encouraged to check official channels for updates and remain understanding as the team diligently resolves these challenges.

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Are The League Of Legends Servers Down?

League of Legends servers down

As of September 21, 2023, at 6:14 PM (IST), over 300 users on Downdetector have reported experiencing issues with the game.

During such times, server performance may slow down or lead to disruptions during gameplay.

If you encounter difficulties logging in or experience similar issues, we recommend exercising patience and waiting for a brief period, typically 10 to 15 minutes, before attempting to log in again.

Additionally, you may consider playing during non-peak hours in your region as a potential solution to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

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How To Check The League Of Legends Server Live Status

To check the current status of League of Legends servers in real-time, you have several options available.

First and foremost, visiting the Riot Games service website provides you with up-to-date information on recent issues or ongoing problems.

For a more direct source of information, consider checking DownDetector. This website offers real-time user reports on the League of Legends server status, allowing you to see if anyone is currently experiencing issues.

If you observe a sudden increase in user reports on DownDetector, it may indicate ongoing problems. In such cases, it’s advisable to wait before attempting to log in again to avoid potential disruptions in your gaming experience.

Update 1 [ 4 October 2023 ]

At 03:31 PM (IST), according to Downdetector, many users reported connectivity issues with the League of Legends server.

Update 1 [ 11 October 2023 ]

At 12:45 PM (IST), according to Downdetector,  users reported connectivity issues with the League of Legends server.

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