5 Things That Luxury Living And Co-living In NYC have In Common

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Published on November 24th, 2018

Co-living has gained popularity in NYC with at least ten co-living companies setting up shop in the past few years. Although the concept seems new, it really isn’t.

Co-living is often referred to as adult dorms, and this isn’t too far from the truth. On a very basic level, co-living involves living with strangers.

Here Are 5 Similarities Between Co-living Spaces & Luxury Living


 1. Amenities

Co-living offers the same amenities you would receive from luxury living apartments. Most co-living spaces, the more expensive options, offer access to amenities like a braai area, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gymnasium, cable TV and access to sport facilities, if available. These spaces also often include free Wi-Fi which is included in your stay there.

2. Luxury Living

Co-living includes all the regular things you would get at a luxury apartment like space, a fully stocked kitchen and modern furnishes. They are fully equipped with everything you may need during your stay and often also include an extra charge for services like cleaning or security. You can enjoy cooking your own meals as utensils and appliances are provided.

3. Privacy

Just like you would in an expensive apartment, you can also enjoy privacy in a co-living space. They often come with their own gardens, patios or entertainment areas where you can enjoy quiet time to yourself.

4. Flexibility

When staying in a hotel, you are able to book a few nights and leave, no commitment to stay longer. Co-living is the same, you can stay however long or short a time as you wish without any special fees for staying just a few nights. Many people opt to stay in a co-living space instead of a hotel when staying longer as the price is relatively cheaper while enjoying the same benefits as you would at a luxury hotel.

5. Security

Co-living spaces are pretty safe, as more often than not, owners live on the premises and are just a call away. You feel safe in a luxury hotel and you feel safe in a high end co-living space as well.

Co-living is thought to be, by many people, a better option for people at all stages of their life. Although they have lots of similarities with modern luxury living, they also have vast differences like their daily rate. Co-living spaces are relatively cheaper than luxury apartments and take the hassle out of carrying appliances, or cutlery while travelling. You can also share the space with another person or people and share the bill for your stay.

Co-living is an affordable and smart way of living in New York and has been built with the human need for community in mind. By renting a room, tenants can experience living in a brand-new modern apartment in a luxury building and pay much less than originally expected. There are so many options to choose from, depending on the individual’s budget. However, quality is not compromised and you will be sure to get the most of your money in a co-living space.