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What Macron’s Victory In France Means! 5 Things That Can Change Europe And The World

Macron's Victory in France

May 9th, 2017   |   Updated on February 28th, 2024

It was a historic day in France on Sunday as Emmanuel Macron claimed victory in the French presidential elections.

Emmanuel Macron

Centrist Emmanuel Macron has won the French presidency. He defeated Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Front, a strongly anti-immigrant populist party. Macron, 39, will now become France’s youngest head of state since Napoleon Bonaparte.

Interestingly, three elections across Europe in the past week have given the European Union reasons for joy, optimism,schadenfreude—and also plenty of cause for worry.


All these events will buoy an EU that has been buffeted by waves of populism since the 2008 economic crisis, culminating last summer with Brexit, the U.K.’s stunning decision to leave the bloc.


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Europe is also one of the greatest democratic spaces in the world which has placed democracy at the heart of its values. It is a space of freedom – for the circulation of goods, for the circulation of capital, for the circulation of services, but also, and above all, for the circulation of people.

Macron's Victory in France

5 Things That Can Change Europe With His Victory

1. As protectionism and insularity make inroads into numerous countries, France chose openness to the world and innovation.

France- Macron's Victory in France


2. Macron placed Europe at the core of his agenda, committing to consolidating its assets and strengthening its advantages.

Macron placed Europe


3. True, the year 2016 severely tested the EU, the result of the Brexit referendum shook its foundations, but it’d be simplistic to believe that the European project is outmoded or endangered.

European project


4. The member states of the European Union are today embarking on a new phase of the European project. In this context, France and Germany will be the drivers of the European hope, reform and consolidation of the project.

European Union


5. Macron’s victory is likely to be a boon for the French digital economy and its startup scene, but the country’s frosty relationship with U.S. tech companies is likely to remain over the next five

Macron’s victory


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