How Maggi Became Indian Mothers Favorite Choice For Instant Snack

Updated on June 21st, 2017

Thank God, Maggi, your popular instant noodles, is back on your plate. Maggi has understood the psychology of Indian mothers and positioned itself their favorite choice for instant snack.

Nestlé India tweeted: “Your favorite Maggi noodles are now back. Delighted to hand over Maggi Noodles to consumers to whom it belongs.”

Now, just 2 minutes maggi is back!! Best instant Indian snack for all those hungry souls!



This is a comfort food  that can be customized too. Add anything that appeals to your taste buds… with veggies? with meat? with eggs? with cheese?  Well, you can always have it your way with maggi!

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Getting Nostalgic? You should be. Every one’s childhood is incomplete without a hot bowl of maggi noodles!


You don’t have to run helter-skelter to grab your hand at maggi, you get it almost everywhere; from a swanky cafe to a roadside tea-stall.



Your mum is relieved one, since she knows there is maggi to give you company at any hour of the day!



What to give in school tiffin ? Maggi ends mother’s tiffin woes.

Every one's childhood is incomplete without a hot bowl of spicy maggi noodles


Maggi can be paired with almost anything! Maggi- Omelets or omelettes and vegetable soups with Maggi!

Be it chai or rum it can be paired with almost anything!



It’s spicy, it’s wholesome for adult ones as well.

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Image Source: youthconnect

Source: indiatimes

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