Top 3 Places Worth Spending Money That Will Make Your Home Furnishing Sparkle


November 22nd, 2018   |   Updated on February 12th, 2019

Whether you need to furnish a new home or simply want to change out your current furnishings, decorating a home can be pricey.

Like most things in life, there are places you want to cut corners and places you really shouldn’t. Here are 3 places you want to spend money on furnishing your home and 3 places you don’t.

1. Do Spend Money On Your Couch


If you are like most people, you (and your family if you have one) will spend a lot of time on your sofa. Much like a bed, you want to make sure it is comfortable, meets your needs and also fits in well with the dimensions of your room.

Also, like beds, couches and sofas can become home to all kinds of creepy crawly things, so it’s not something you want to buy second-hand or used no matter how good of a deal you get on it. Couches are one of those things where you “get what you pay for.”

If you spend the money up front on a quality piece of furniture, you won’t have a buy one again in a few years because the piece broke. Check out companies like European Leather Gallery. They sell a ton of furniture and can offer some pretty good deals on statement pieces.


2. Don’t Spend Money On A Coffee Table


Not only are there a million ways to DIY a great coffee table, but it’s also a piece you can pick up second-hand or used. It’s also something that can even be refinished or passed on when your tastes change.


3. Do Spend Money On Your Entertainment Center

Restaurant Proprietors

Whether you want a giant wall unit or a simple stand, you want to invest some money on your entertainment center.

Like the couch, you, your family and your guests are probably going to spend a good deal of time staring at your entertainment center, so you want it to look nice and be plenty sturdy.

Even if all you get is a TV stand, you’re probably going to put a fairly expensive TV on it, so make sure it is sturdy.


4. Don’t Spend Money On Decorations

Restaurant Proprietors

The DIY options for decorating your home abound. This is another place where you can also easily pick up second-hand or used items. Choose a few unique pieces to invest some money in if you like, but the rest you can DIY or pick up for cheap.


5. Do Spend Money On A Kitchen Or Dining Room Table

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The theme here is spend money on the things you are going to use most often. If you buy a cheap or rickety kitchen or dining room table, you are going to have to sit and eat at it every day – or even worse, subject your guests to it. Like a sofa, invest in something that meets your specific needs and the needs of your home.


6. Don’t Spend Money On Rugs


Rugs make a great decorative accent and can warm up any room, but just remember – you walk on them. No matter how often you vacuum them, they have a tendency to get really filthy really fast. Instead of investing a fortune in heirloom rugs, invest a modest amount in decent rugs and then replace them every few years.