Max Polyakov’s Teaching Tips On How To Prepare Your Pet For Competitions

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September 2nd, 2018   |   Updated on September 26th, 2018

Max Polyakov’s Expertise in Dog Training

Teaching a dog is as responsible as teaching a child. But this process is a little bit harder and demands much attention and patience.

You should remember that a pet with good manners will always find a way out of a difficult situation. Training hours will give you a possibility to build relationships that are based on respect and trust.

Max Polyakov’s Teaching Tips_2

You will forget about moments when you were afraid that something may happen to your pet or it will do harm to someone. Max Polyakov, the owner of a cute Firefly, knows all sticks and stones connected with dog training.

Today, he will share the mystery of successful teaching and first places at state tournaments. Don’t close the page and read on to become the best dog coach ever!


Take it Serious

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Max Polyakov says that if you decided to teach your dog, you should be attentive, serious, and patient. Realize that it’s a long-lasting process which needs a part of your free time.

But in case you manage to educate your pet successfully, it will be as confident at competitions as Max Polyakov’s Firefly is. Use these recommends and discipline your dog in a right way:

  • First of all, a good master should check the health conditions of his pet. Develop a habit to visit an animal medical consultant regularly.
  • Train according to a graphic. And it shouldn’t only contain the training hours but also the place.
  • Max Polyakov started teaching Firefly with simple commands. Repeat one of them for a few days until your dog remembers it.
  • Be patient and reward your pet. You have to remember that making your dog being afraid of you is a false way of training. Nothing will work in case you yell or hit a pet. Conversely, present it with something tasty for successfully performed commands.  Treat it with pleasant words.
  • Max Polyakov recommends cutting your schedule into short lessons (5-10 minutes). He trained his Firefly in this way and repeated those sessions.
  • Add some sports entertainments. Running, walking, leaping will add more fun to training.

Max Polyakov invites you to join some dog-owners clubs to increase your chances to win at competitions. You will extend your base of connections and accept someone’s experience. And of course, literature also helped him to improve Firefly’s behavior.

Making a Conclusion

Max Polyakov’s Teaching Tips

Max Polyakov’s experience shows that there’s nothing impossible in dog training. Firefly is like a superhero among other pets now. Just perform patience and select an appropriate teaching style. Your dog will be no worse than Firefly is.