Spend A Different Kind Of Holiday In The Mediterranean Island Of Gozo


Published on May 29th, 2018

Like most places on earth, Gozo is no exception. When you go an a holiday, you have a few accommodation options right? You can book an apartment on websites like airbnb, an expensive luxury hotel , a cheaper hotel – 3 to 4 star or else or you can spend a different kind of holiday—staying at a farmhouse!

Farmhouses in Gozo are known for their fantastic vistas and great accommodation, as well as, friendly owners who will be more than willing to make you feel at home in the heart of the Mediterranean.


Enjoy local produce and shop for local delicacies around town as you take in the vacation feeling inside your spacious Fairy Tale room with an town and ocean view.

Stay at a Farmhouse in Gozo

Get to know what island life is really like by actually living it out. Immerse yourself with the locals. Talk and actually have a conversation with a real person who know how to live the good life.

We’re talking about Gozo here. This is the true island life. Locals live to eat, enjoy, bask under the sun, swim in the beach, eat the good food, and learn about the simple joys of life. The locals and and the owners of the farmhouses will be more than happy to strike up a conversation with you.

There are plenty of farmhouses to choose from in Gozo where you can stay for as long as you like. Well, at least until your budget runs out. But in truth, locals encourage you to live in the island. It is said that the ferry that goes to Gozo from Malta is free of charge, it is only in going back to the mainland that you have to shell out some cash.

So, if you’re wondering which farmhouses to stay at, here’s a list of the top Farmhouses in Gozo.


1. Ta Pinu Farmhouse

The Ta Pinu Farmhouse is situated in a really good area in the island where it’s away from the bustling city life, and it’s really quiet and you get awesome, awesome views even from your own room. Or if you’d really like a good look, the rooftop terrace is the place to be. There you can see the town and the sea.

The walls are made of Gozitan stone which gives the place a homey, rustic feel to it. They also have a great, clean pool with BBQ area

During spring, you can opt to go on a leisurely hike around the area as the farmhouse is located near some nice trail tracks.

2. Pergola Farmhouses

Now this is a farmhouse to be. The rooms are great, clean, trendy, and the views from the poolside are stunning. You get to see some terraces like fields on one side, and on the other, the serene, blue ocean, and the cemented houses jutting from the trees and hills.

The pool itself also makes for great architecture. It’s all a series of interconnected farmhouses that comes with its own barbecue tools, pool, and kitchen areas. Each farmhouse can accommodate a good 9 people, so it’s great for big events like weddings or family vacations.

Gozo day trips with experienced guide

And you need not worry about car noises or city noises as it’s situated far from the bustling towns.

They also make their own olive oil from the olives they grow next to the houses. So, if you want to show off your skills in the kitchen and whip up a good Greek meal, whisk away! The kind owners, Doris and Julian, can even bring you some chilies and tomatoes to go with it.


3. Tal-Bir Farmhouse Gozo

Also a great farmhouse with great views and an awesome pool and all the amenities you need for a long time stay like a microwave, oven, fridge, air conditioners, and washing machine. If you walk a little, you’ll arrive at a supermarket, some great bars, restaurants, and a bakery. Rooms are very spacious and the natural light makes for a great sight to see.

Scuba Diving

It’s in the central area of Nadur, but still very quiet. It’s also quite spacious and a great place to have a barbecue. They also have free wifi. And if you go here during the winter, they provide you with quilts to warm yourself up, or you can cozy up in the fireplace. It makes for great moments.

If you walk two miles, you’ll arrive at the beach, or you can ask the scuba company to pick you up. From the beach, you can take the bus to the city center of Victoria, where there are plenty of things to do and sites to see.

The owners are also known to hand out bottles of their homemade wine. So you can take a sip of that as you enjoy your evening in the heart of Nadur.


4. Tal’ Masklu Farmhouse

They have satellite TV here so you can enjoy your catered Tal’ Masklu meal while taking in local and international entertainment. It’s easy to get to this farmhouse by bus or even on foot. They also have a fully-equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a large shower area, washing machine, and a great pool.

It’s only a few minutes away from the diver’s paradise of Dwejra.

The owner, Mr. Raymond, is known to be very friendly, and may even provide you some fruits as you check in your room.

The rooms are spacious and the area is very peaceful and quiet.