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100,000 Punters Flooded Into Flemington Racecourse On Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup

Published on November 8th, 2017

In a flurry of fascinators and bold fashion, racegoers were keen to enjoy their state-wide public holiday.

100,000 punters flooded into Flemington Racecourse on Melbourne Cup. Many found cause for celebration as the horses dashed across the track, and champagne flowed freely among the crowds.

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As the afternoon wore on, evidence of a day well celebrated was left strewn across Flemington’s grassed areas, with some rowdy revelers partying on and others opting to take a nap. One daring male performed the risky move of climbing an umbrella, at one point standing on the back of an accomplice and later clambering atop a high stack of milk crates.

A woman left the venue with one ankle bandaged up and assisted by a friend after taking a suspected fall throughout the day


A woman was pictured taking advantage of some quick shut-eye before leaving the grounds

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A daring male performed the risky move of climbing an umbrella assisted by two other men in the aftermath of the Cup


Police officials appeared less than impressed with the raucous antics of the ambitious male


Jockeys weren’t the only ones clinging on for a ride at Flemington on Tuesday


An important phone call was being made by a woman while she sat kerbside, half wedged inside a bush


Appearing deep in thought, one woman seized an opportunity to take some weight off her feet and enjoy a bubbly on the grass


It was the perfect time to sneak in a tactical nap for some, as one woman laid on a rug among empty wine bottles and cups


A worn-out looking couple indulged in some blanket-time as the afternoon drew to a close

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A man was spotted looking overjoyed at rolling around on the lawn among a sea of rubbish and opportunistic seagulls


A man appeared satisfied at himself for siting on top of a bundle of folded up chairs, throwing up two peace signs


A woman laughs as she rests her feet by sitting on the ground with a male friend


One dreary-looking male looking unwilling to return to his feet, despite being pulled up by one of his male friends


In a rugby-like encounter, one woman tackled a nearby male to the ground and pinned him there by laying across his back


The man was left with no option but to accept his fate as his face became squished into the turf


The woman was forced into a face-full of her pal’s hind end as he squatted shamelessly on top of her head


A friend’s posterior proved the perfect pillow as one exhausted racegoer had comfortable lay down

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A lady appeared to have taken a not-so-glamorous tumble, nearly compromising her modesty in her mini dress


Two helpful men offered assistance to a lady who looked to be struggling get back on her feet


As racegoers headed for the exits, some took some time out and stopped for a cigarette break


One trio was happy to be soaking up the atmosphere as they sat around their picnic gear


What are friends for! An overly helpful pal, armed with a half-full bottle of bubbly, got on her knees to fasten a heel strap


As one friend manned the wine, another focused on strapping her shoes back on

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A man was spotted looking slightly puzzled as he struggled against the laces on a woman’s high heel


A forward thinking woman came prepared for a long day in uncomfortable shoes, stepping out in a pair of orange thongs


The strain of long day in heels had gotten the better of one woman, as she opted to go bare foot


As a lady prepared a bottle of wine to bring for the next afternoon expedition, a male slung a woman over his shoulder


A couple looked determined to keep up the festivities, with both carefully cradling drinks as they left the venue


Many racegoers tucked into some hot food at the end of an exhaustive day

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A man cradled another in a tight leg grip as they wrestled in a somewhat compromising position on the grass


Some men seemed unable to contain their race-day passion, as one pair were spotted engaged in a heated wrestle


Off-put racegoers turned in angst at the debacle occurring at the rear of their picnic chairs


In a more playful face-off, two men attracted onlookers as they gripped each others hands in an intense arm wrestle


Two jovial pals came very close to spilling over the railing and into a huge bush of thorny roses


A man is seen falling back on to the grass, with his sunglasses falling off his head, after a big day at the races


An exhausted punter rested his eyelids as he took some time out on the grass, using his fedora to shade his face from sun


A couple came prepared for the forecast wintry conditions but ended up using their polka dot umbrella as a sun shield

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A racegoer looked to have been completely drained by celebrations, laying flat on her back among empty alcohol cans


Two ladies gripped each other’s hands as they trenched across the rubbish-strewn grounds


Two lovebirds were spotted putting on a theatrical display as they performed a routine atop a wooden path


A group of men were eager to be pictured with a shoeless beauty, holding her up in a proud display for cameras


One barefoot woman appeared elated to be hoisted into the arms of a male counterpart, offering a giant smile to cameras


Racegoers got into the swing of the afternoon as they partnered up and boogied on the grass

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Seen looking serious as she spoke on the phone, paired her fitted yellow dress with a fascinator crafted from pink and yellow flowers and feathers, designed in the shape of bunny ears


An energetic woman dashed across the grass in an attempt to shoo away the seagull-plagued area


The end of races was apparently an ideal time to refuel on snacks and capture a windy selfie


A woman puts on a bird-inspired display as she flaps a picnic blanket out to her sides like a cape


A bright red jumpsuit-wearing woman focused as a friend crouched to adjust her footwear


A man had been knocked to the ground among shards of broken-plastic during a scuffle with two others

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Two dolled-up ladies shared a loving embrace as they posed for photos


One woman was seen breathlessly watching Race Four ahead of the anticipated Melbourne Cup race


The woman was seen earlier in the day with friends as they inspected betting guides


Three female friends are seen stepping out hand in hand, each in vastly different outfits


A group of friends dressed in Cup-appropriate attire to enjoy Melbourne Cup festivities from a Sydney establishment


Ladies got dolled up to celebrate the race in Sydney, with a jovial pair spotted enjoying a giggle as they strutted hand-in-hand

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Four men dressed in novelty suits pose for a photograph with the statue of legendary trainer Bart Cummings


Racegoers began pouring through the turnstiles at Flemington Racecourse for the Melbourne Cup early


Glamorous racegoers braved the weather to watch ‘the race that stops the nation’ in Melbourne


These three women held onto their extravagant fascinators as ominous clouds lingered on Tuesday morning


Two women got their caffeine fix on Tuesday morning after beating the crowds into Flemington Racecourse


Pastel tones and 70s-inspired vibes appeared to be the style of the day, with crowds of women opting to match their outfit with fancy headwear


A woman covers her outfit with a waterproof jacket as she joins a growing crowd hoping to get into Flemington early


The Bureau of Meteorology has flagged winds at up to 35 kilometres an hour

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Early showers, plunging temperatures and biting winds threatened to spoil the day


A man in a red top hat with a matching sequinned bow tie and a woman in a clear poncho are seen hi-fiving each other as they stood by the track with smiles on their faces



Celebrities descend on the Birdcage for Melbourne Cup at Flemington


Punters celebrate at Australia’s biggest race – The Melbourne Cup