Men’s Lingerie To Spice Up The Night With Your Partner

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Published on June 12th, 2018

There comes a time when you want to look for something to help add a little extra pizazz to you and your partner’s bedroom.

Mens Lingerie

Maybe a toy, foreplay suggestions, or how about something as easy and creative as some mens lingerie as something new?

Nothing adds a sexy feeling quite like the appearance of some Differio mens sexy lingerie.

1. Why Should You Choose Sexier Lingerie?

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Lingerie is a wonderful way for you to add a little bit of finesse to your sexy mens underwear collection. Firstly, you are already quite exposed when in your men’s underwear, but for the international male, lingerie adds a totally new layer for you to look and feel seductive.

From simple mesh designs to more edgy pieces gay underwear including leather, buttons, and styles mimicking that of a harness there are a plethora of options to choose from.

Mens Lingerie

Websites like offer a variety of trendy clothes for men, as well as sexy men’s underwear brands such as Modus Vivendi, Gregg Homme, Maskulo, Discreet Joe, and much more to choose from.

Mens erotic underwear is also more adventurous and simple: perhaps you and your partner aren’t comfortable with introducing a toy into your sex lives, but I’m sure you both wouldn’t mind some different underwear to grab onto (before it comes off of course!).
Another benefit of sexier lingerie that I will let you in on from personal experience, is that you will feel so “free” while wearing it. Do you remember when you tried on your first pair of swim briefs and wore them to the pool? It’s like that but amplify the excitement by 100 percent.

Your partner will also appreciate seeing you in some leather harness gear, it’s different for some, but it is such a fantastic way to express dominance or submissive foreplay.

Let’s be real, there is so much more to grab on to with the harness style – it’s perfect for anyone that is especially handsy during love sessions. Differio offers an option by Gregg Homme called the “Octane Biker Jock Underwear” and that one is sure to both fire up and surprise your lover.

2. There’S Still The (Slightly More) Tame Approach

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If you aren’t feeling the adventurous approach with mesh and leather, you can still look to the trusty ole’ locker room vibe with a flashy jockstrap. Jockstraps are perfect for accentuating a bulge in just the right way while making your butt totally inviting. Jockstraps provide easy access, aren’t difficult to clean, and will easily make your partner turn his/her head when he/she gets back home from work.

Mens Lingerie

If you don’t have a jockstrap in your collection, I highly recommend you try one out. If you aren’t feeling the total “openness” of jockstraps, you can also try out some men’s thongs and other low-cut underwear. Brands like Modus Vivendi offer bright, colorful options for you to choose from that aren’t as high key as some of the former pairs.

Although, it’s okay if you’re still a boxer briefs and mens designer underwear kind of guy, just know that men’s fashion underwear is always a suitable place to consider when you want to switch it up a little in the bedroom… sex is a fun thing between you and your partner, so don’t be afraid to try something new and explore your wild side!