Top 10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs Microsoft Power Platform This 2023

Microsoft Power Platform

Published on March 23rd, 2023

Technology is like fuel for organizations that help them innovate and boost productivity. Using technology comes with a lot of limitations in terms of access.

Microsoft Power Platform is a distinct platform that ensures access to every person in the organization. It empowers the business to get insights to analyze the data and take action.

What Does Microsoft Power Platform offer?

Microsoft Power Platform offers business solutions by automating workflows, analyzing data, creating custom apps, and making better business decisions.

Power Platform recognizes that organizations have an increased flow of data that needs an intelligent tool to gain insights to drive intelligent business processes.

Microsoft Power Platform has three top components.

  • Power BI
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate

Power BI

Microsoft Power BI provides interactive real-time dashboards that give insights into all the information the user intends to see.

It helps make informed decisions from the data derived from interactive real-time dashboards.

Microsoft Power BI can connect to more than 275 types of data sources. The most common data sources are SQL dynamic environment and file servers like excel.

Power Apps

Power Apps Development simplifies app creation using no code and a low-code approach that minimizes the time needed to complete the development work. The applications developed can be used on Android, iOS, desktops, and browsers.

Power Automate

Power automation eliminates rudimentary manual tasks with automation. It saves the time of the employees and improves their productivity. Time-taking tasks like data entry errors prone to human errors are nullified through automation.

Reasons To Use Microsoft Power Platform

Let’s discuss the reasons to use the Microsoft Power Platform in 2023.

1. No Code Low Code App Development

Enterprises do face the problem of limited resources. An enterprise may need more programmers to fulfill the coding needs, creating a backlog of IT projects and stunting the organization’s growth.

Microsoft Power App development eliminates the need to hire a professional developer to create custom applications, chatbot integrations, or automation. It allows users to build tailor-made applications in a few hours.

2. Great Cost Saving

Power Platform provides the immense benefit of saving by reducing 70% of the development cost of the budgets.

This reduced cost helps in maintaining the code and managing the applications. The saved cost can be used for other valuable services.

3. Derive Valuable Insights

Much data is coming into the cloud and other resources, including social media, CRM, web traffic, and ERP applications.

Every business needs to optimize the massive data for insights to make Better Business decisions. Power Platform allows using Power BI for analyzing and interpreting the data.

It helps in creating data visualization to derive insights.

4. Enhanced Security

Microsoft Power platform maintains the security of documents by allowing access to specific reports and data. Power Platform implements double encryption, multifactor authentication, and embedded identity management for security.

The predefined security rules allow access to specific individuals, so there is no unauthorized access.

5. Remote Access For A Flexible Work Environment

Microsoft Power Platform tools can be used from anywhere and from any device. It can connect with Dynamics 365, Office 365, and many other apps.

The cloud-based connectivity helps in the collaboration of the teams. This improves the efficiency of the business for a seamless work experience with a modern, flexible workspace.

6. Mobile Accessibility

Mobile phones are the most convenient device that users prefer to use. The ease of use and having it all the time makes it necessary to develop apps accessible on all smartphones. Power Apps can be used on smartphones and tablets and optimize all screens.

7. Flexible Working

Power Apps help employees build bespoke solutions to meet business requirements. Microsoft Power Platform integrates with other apps to improve business processes by creating a seamless work experience.

8. Simple Automation

Automation is a crucial factor in the success of a business. The repetitive business process takes a lot of time and energy from the employees. Saving this time is vital to focus on other tasks that can boost productivity.

Microsoft Power Platform boosts the business’s productivity by automating work processes. This helps in the reduction of human errors and stimulates the digital transformation of the enterprise.

9. Easy Adoption

Traditional business applications require massive investment in IT tech-savvy members of the team. The users can generate deep insights, optimize workflows and pull out the service’s full potential with minimal assistance from the IT team.

Microsoft Power Platform uses a common code approach that is easier for the team members to adopt and take control of technology.

10. Streamlines Reporting Activities

Reporting is a time-consuming, tedious, yet valuable task. According to research, project professionals spend more than one-day collating project reports annually.

Power BI solves the problem by visualizing and generating reports by clicking a button. It filters to report on specific input fields to meet the team’s needs.


Organizations and tech giants use the Microsoft Power Platform for a more flexible, advanced digital workspace.

Implementing the easy-to-use platform with interactive features speeds up the innovation and competitive edge of the business.

Employers can build bespoke solutions to meet business requirements. Their business can automate time-consuming tasks.

The employees can easily use this technology without any help from the IT team. Power Platform apps can be accessed through mobile and other devices.

The business can drive valuable insights, streamline reporting activities, and work remotely in a flexible work environment.