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Incredible Migration Of A Million Wildebeest! Seemingly The Greatest Wildlife Show On Earth!!

Migration Of A Million Wildebeest!

Published on March 20th, 2018

Thousands of wildebeest sprint across a fast-flowing river as part of a perilous migration! Unfortunately, a third of the herd may not survive. The brave animals must cross the Mara River, which is plagued by crocodiles up to 16-feet-long.

The Great Wildebeest Migration is a spectacular annual event to watch when millions of grazers cross between Northern Tanzania and Kenya for verdant pastures. It indeed is the greatest wildlife show on Earth!


According to George Davies for The Mail on Sunday, one can see a small part of the migration if they have taken up the Tanzania safari, packed with full of surprises.

A herd of  millions, waiting to hit you:

One can only get to see the Tanzanian migration after crossing the half-formed rugged roads and the ridges and when one reaches the Tarangire River.

When a couple of wildebeest starts crossing at first, tentatively; the rest joins until it becomes a deluge of animals crossing the whirling waters.

A glimpse at the Wildebeest Migration will give you many things including lions waiting across the bank; mothers turning their backs to protect their babies, buck corpses floating in the water because of their feet getting trapped by rocks.

Leopard with her cub

A comfortable stay with an immaculate view:

As the fear sends a chill down your spine, it gets overheard by your enthusiasm in watching the desperate animals trying to cross the waters for their new pastures.

Altogether, the Great Wildebeest Migration can indeed be tagged as a trip of a lifetime that showcases the implausible wildlife that you only get to see on the television.

Wildbeest stalked by crocodiles

In case if you’re looking to take the safari at the heart of this migration, you might as well book one of the mobile camps.

If you think going mobile is getting a bit adventurous, then you can book one of the permanent lodges that Serengeti offers with all the comforts locked in a place at a location from where you can see these herds.

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Indiana Jones in Live:

In one of those days, if you’re staying in the tents, Buffaloes might graze at nights with the tents and you will get to hear lions groaning in the night.

This trip will make you witness animals that you have not known to date, including lovebirds, antelopes, bustards, and gazelles. It’s like watching Indiana Jones, only in live.

The Great Wildebeest Migration is full of surprises right from the baboons mating to the hartebeests eating their bellies full from the sausage trees.

Besides the Indian Ocean, there is a culture clash you can see, with exotic hotels juxtaposing with spice markets and street restaurants.

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The trip enthralls you with fear as you see giraffes blocking the road, baboons, and storks playing on the roads. In cases where you want to be more adventurous, you can as well take a silent walk along the river to track the elephants, step on the zebra skulls as the hawks soar through the vast skies above.

Migration Of A Million Wildebeest_1

Together, as we are stuck in this concrete jungle; this trip will show you the earth as it is before mankind and will introduce the drama of nature back to us.

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Also, explore Wildebeests in the millions make their annual migration through East Africa!

Video Source: National Geographic

Source: Daily Mail