The 5 Biggest Mistakes College Students Make

Study group in a library

March 19th, 2019   |   Updated on July 9th, 2020

Starting college this year and don’t know how to stay alive? Or always feeling tired of setting priorities between completing assignments and going out with friends?

Keep reading to learn 5 biggest mistakes college students make and how to avoid them to make college easier.

1. Studying Not Enough

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With all the social life going on in college, students stop caring about assignments. At least, until the deadlines begin to approach.

Then, you start going through the endless list of tasks you have to complete and, most likely, get a panic attack. You obviously don’t have enough time left to prepare well and end up handing in poorly written essays term papers and failing tests.

Solution: While sitting over textbooks all the time can be overwhelming, use the Internet to improve your academic performance.

One of the mistakes college students make is forgetting the benefits of living in the 21st century. Just go online to learn how to write a good essay. Among the numerous existing guides on how to write papers, find a blog or an essay site like CustomEssayMeister that will provide you with the needed information.

After looking through the tips and tricks on academic writing, find essays online to see examples and follow them (but don’t plagiarize!).

Although this is not everything you need to have to get a good grade, this will give you an idea of where to start when that deadline is right around the corner.


2. Studying Too Much

It can be hard to believe it but studying too much is also a common mistake students make in college. Taking more classes and assignments than you can handle will do no good to you, even though it may seem to be a good idea in the beginning.

Solution: Evaluate your abilities and the time you have to complete all the workload.

Do not overestimate yourself: choose easier essay topics instead of those requiring thorough research, refer to a case study instead of watching an hour-long documentary, and do not sign up for disciplines that you will never actually need in your career.


3. Partying Too Much

The Party Time

Improving your social life is a very tempting thing when you find yourself in a completely new environment after entering college. But going out at night does not mean that the class next morning is cancelled.

Weeks after weeks, getting an insufficient amount of sleep turns into never-ending exhaustion, which makes having not enough rest one of the common mistakes in college.

Therefore, despite how good it may sound, partying non-stop can make an adverse effect on your well-being eventually.

Solution: Work on your self-discipline.

Create a plan for the week and decide which days will be dedicated to studying only and when you are allowed to get a rest and go to a party.

If you find it difficult to keep up, design a system of punishment and reward or tell about your new lifestyle your friends to motivate yourself.


4. Not Enough Workouts

Partying too much leads students not only to the lack of sleep but also to a lifestyle with no room for sports.

Insufficient amount of workouts is one of the serious mistakes college students make, which can obviously affect your well-being significantly.

Solution: Take small steps to improve your routine.

Some easy changes can help you to live a more active lifestyle without sacrificing social life or academic performance. Try to:

  • Walk more.
  • Do a 5-minute workout every morning.
  • Play active games.
  • Do dance breaks when studying.
  • Practice yoga or do flexibility exercises.

Adding these small changes to your routine will make a big difference in how you feel during college.


5. Procrastinating

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You keep telling yourself that there is a lot of time left for you to complete your papers and do not start working on it until the very last night before the due date.

Then, you start looking for information, drink tons of coffee, and hand it in without even using a plagiarism checker. You end up getting a low grade simply because you did not start working on the task earlier. We’ve all been there: allowing procrastination to hit us is a terrible mistake that college students make.

Solution: Make time management your friend.

Divide every assignment into smaller parts and start completing them weeks before the due date. You will end up having good work without sacrificing your sleep or social life.

There are many mistakes students make in college. But college can be easy when you are prepared for it. Making small changes to your routine and habits can help you avoid them.