Top 5 Mobile App Security Tips For 2023

Mobile App Security Tips

Published on March 11th, 2023

Mobile apps today are a part of our day-to-day activities which helps us in almost all spheres of life like ordering food, booking a ride, messaging, banking, social media and engaging for multiple utilities for our convenience.

They are super useful but also the entry gates for cybercriminals to breach and hack you. Cyberattacks can happen anytime and anywhere the moment these hackers find any loophole in your mobile apps.

There are multiple fake and con apps on apple store and android play-store uploaded by cybercriminals which try to steal your passwords online. So, you have to be cautious and vigilant against any such activity.

So, here are the top 5 Mobile App Security Tips to keep your mobile and information safe in 2023. To keep your account passwords, secure and your smartphone free of this malicious software, apply the below steps:

1. Always Stay Updated With Latest Security News

It is always recommended to be updated and aware of global news and updates related to cybersecurity, breaches, hacks, etc.

Getting subscribed for news alerts from these standard and global news portals or apps will be super helpful for you to track any update and be alert in case a company falls to a cyberattack. You should be proactive in taking precautionary measures to safeguard your data and info.

2. Refrain From Sharing All Personal Details Anywhere

Whenever you download a new mobile app, you have to sign up yourself in the new app with all your personal details and information which is crucial and lures cybercons. All these apps will ask you to fill your basic details as mandatory and other additional details are optional which are not mandatory to be filled everywhere.

Now you have to be smart here by not giving your additional details which are not mandatory like date of birth, address, anniversary date, family details, work details etc. The less information about you they have, the less these details can end up in the hands of cybercriminals in case the app is breached.

3. Delete Old Apps

This new year is good to start by uninstalling and erasing all the unnecessary and old mobile apps which are of no use to you now. A review of all your apps on your smartphone for usability and necessity is very critical at this point of time. So, get your apps reviewed and delete all those apps which you haven’t used over the last six months, be it games, utility apps or temporary apps for ad-hoc usage.

Also, you need to make sure that you have completely deleted your account with that mobile app before uninstalling the app from your smartphone. It’s highly advisable to keep your digital footprint smaller, so that you are at a lesser risk of breach.

4. Examine New Apps Carefully Before Installing

It is always recommended to do some basic background research and check on any of the new apps which you are planning to install on your smartphone. You can go through all the app details uploaded on the store by the app host organization or individual.

The most crucial ones among this are the user reviews and ratings. Please keep a note on how detailed the reviews are. Are they fake reviews or genuine ones? Generally, fake reviews are short and one liner. Also, look for developer details, contacts and verify the details as well as the credibility of the app developers. Look for features and data safety like data shared, data collected, and security practices.

It’s also recommended to review the app permission in the app info section which explains about what all access permissions the app developer has regarding accessing your phone data like contacts, location, storage, etc.

5. Use Strong And Unique Passwords

It’s always recommended to have a strong and unique password for your mobile and applications, which will prevent cybercriminals from breaching and hacking your phone by cracking down your password.

Nowadays, password managers are one of the best ways to keep all your passwords secure from hackers and be relaxed from the tension of memorizing over half a dozen different complex passwords for your accounts.

Always Try To Use Safe Mobile Apps In 2023

As your 2023 resolution for your own digital safety, go with the above beast practices and use your knowledge as your guard against these threats. It’s always advisable to be patient and spend a good amount of time in research and review before installing anything or everything from app stores.

By following simple best practices while installing and signing-up for these mobile apps, you can save yourself from these potential threats and safeguard your valuable info as well as personal data.

So, be safe and alert with your mobile apps in 2023 and enjoy your phone without any hassle and stress.