Top 10 Mobile Learning Software You Need To Know About

Mobile Learning Software

Published on June 5th, 2019

The world has shown a drastic transformation in the last decade. Mobile has now become an integral part of our existence. Amongst everything, the mobile has become a tool to learn and expand our knowledge too.

It is with this thought in mind that many service providers have created mobile learning software. But not all of them are actually useful and we analysed a couple of them to see which ones are actually worthwhile.

We have presented to you a list of such mobile learning software after detailed scrutiny of their features and benefits.

You can go through our list and choose those which would help you proceed further with your goals. If you want you can experiment with more than one software and remain on top in your career aims.


1. Learner Mobile

Learner Mobile

With Learner Mobile, you can create beautiful, bite-sized content in a flash. Learner Mobile performance support tool is a best-in-class mobile solution for forward-thinking people developers like yourself. So, whether your team is out on the floor—or out in the world—quickly drop the latest information right into the palms of their hands.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: As an administrator, I find it easy to set up, track, and change what is needed to ensure our employees get the best mobile training material.

Our company is all over the nation so it is important to make sure our employees are training constantly, and this allows us to track, change, and add what is needed.

Cons: There are sometimes little glitches with the software, but they are usually fixed soon after or if you contact your representative they are able to fix it then and there.

Overall: Your representatives are amazing and helpful. The software is easy to use and it has been very beneficial to our team.

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2. Courseplay

Courseplay is the scalable learning technology solution for enterprises to deliver delightful learning content, engage hard-working employees, automate tedious workflows, and accurately measure impact for their people using any device. Our AI-powered people transformation platform provides clients with intelligent insights and recommendations for better bottom-line performance throughout the company.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: The mobile learning app and it’s LMS variant is designed and enhanced in a strategically planned manner. It encourages self-paced learning for a learned audience.

Cons: The courseplay m-learning App and it’s LMS variants are too sophisticated for the shop floor learners. It should be simplified for such audience for utmost relevance and usability. The platform will work great if it caters the requirements of the audience at large.

Overall: Sophisticated learning experience with various areas of improvement.

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3. TalentLMS


A super-easy, cloud LMS to train your employees, partners and customers. TalentLMS is really easy. We built it to increase your satisfaction and fun from online learning & training. No need to install, upgrade or backup anything. TalentLMS is a Cloud powered Learning Management System.

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Review: FinancesOnline

TalentLMS is a highly configurable cloud-hosted learning management system created to help users simplify how they facilitate online seminars, courses, and other training programs. Built for businesses of all sizes, this platform is great for companies who want to provide continuing education for their employees in order to reinforce their career growth.

Like most LMS solutions, this software offers robust course creation tools that can adapt to the different requirements of your eLearning program. What sets this system apart from its competitors, however, is that it is also equipped with conferencing features and gamification capabilities to foster more engaging learning environments for your employees, customers, or students.

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4. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS

“Easy to use” is easy to claim, but most such claims are superficial (“it’s only a click away!”). Our claim is not. We focus on the smart design of complex interactions; with our tools, you can achieve what you want to accomplish in the next year, not just the next minute.

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Review: Software Advice

Absorb LMS is a cloud-based solution suitable for an organization in any industry. Key features include learning management automation, progress tracking and reporting.

Absorb LMS offers a custom-branded learner interface and administrative tools that enable users to build a training experience for their learners.

The learning management system (LMS) can be automated with custom rules and scheduling. Clients can utilize e-commerce solutions and include discounts and preferred pricing to specific audiences. The solution also includes reporting capabilities and allows users to create ad hoc dashboards.

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5. Saba Cloud

Saba Cloud

Transform performance management into growth coaching – with an ongoing, interactive mobile experience. Use real-time performance interactions, including feedback, goal setting, check-ins, career development, peer assessments and milestone tracking.

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Review: G2

What Do You Like Best?

I think the self serve analytics are amazing. Previously I would wait for at least hours or maybe even days for an admin to extract and manipulate data from a server based LMS using crystal reports etc. Now I can build, schedule and run my own reports using an intuitive editor and get answers in moments to supply stakeholders.

What Do You Dislike?

Nothing to dislike, there are always opportunities to improve and as a cloud-based system the platform has evolved dramatically in the 4+ years I have been using it.

What Problems Are You Solving With The Product? What Benefits Have You Realized?

We have utilized webinar-based training delivery extensively for the last 10 years, but until we migrated to the Saba Cloud we were using an LMS and Webinar platform that weren’t integrated. this led to significant difficulties and usability issues. The integration between Saba meeting and Saba Cloud has reduced our costs, improved our processes and enhanced the user experience.

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6. Docebo LMS

Docebo is a software as a service learning management system. Established in 2005, Docebo offers a learning portal for companies and their employees, partners and customers. Docebo Learn (LMS) powers your onboarding efforts and ignites employee growth through formal learning. With Docebo Learn, you have the ability to centralize and organize courses, distribute and manage online and instructor-led courses, track certifications and measure results with dashboards and custom analytics. Docebo Learn is powered by AI, automatically tagging your content and making it easier to find.

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Review: FinancesOnline

Docebo is among the world’s top-ranked SaaS e-learning solutions suppliers and the most comprehensive solutions for training management. It received our Supreme Software Award for 2018.

Delivered for global customers in more than 30 languages, Docebo provides a mobile-ready, off-the-shelf and fully integrated application that is really scalable. Some of the world’s top companies select Docebo to attain operational productivity.

It provides an easy to use, one-page Web App to manage, deliver and monitor E-learning activities. The application allows companies of all sizes to implement a affordable and features-rich tablet-ready Learning Management System. At present, Docebo supervises over 300,000 users in distance learning projects.

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7. SkyPrep

SkyPrep Inc. provides integrated corporate e-learning solutions to help top companies facilitate online training and knowledge sharing in their organizations.

Over 500 global organizations large and small engage their teams with our award-winning online training software.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: SkyPrep is user-friendly and has required little training for our field employees to use it. Creating and editing training modules is quick, easy, and requires little technical knowledge, which has helped me in my position immensely.

Cons: I do not have anything negative to say about SkyPrep at this time.

Overall: We started using SkyPrep a few years ago, solely for training our sales team. We saw great success with the platform and decided to expand our user base to include company-wide training initiatives. Our expansion took very little time and we have been able to accomplish numerous company-wide training goals in a fraction of the time that we expected.

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8. Torch LMS

Torch LMS

Torch LMS was designed by workplace learning professionals that know, down to the smallest detail, what functionality users and admins want.

Gone are the days of exporting to excel to management reports manually. Deliver deeper insights than ever before, at the right time, automatically.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: At the time of implementation, our company had never used an LMS and learning material was searched for on various network drives. We really didn’t even have a budget. TorchLMS was an easy decision and the product and are use has scaled. We have won business as a result of saying we can deliver training content via LMS

Cons: You will hear things are fixed and never heard they are broken in the first place. The front end is a lot easier than the back end administrative tools

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9. Accord LMS

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational enterprise, the Accord Learning Management System will increase training compliance, improve consistency and reduce your costs.

  • Attractive and Easy to Navigate
  • Personalized Learning Plans
  • Unlimited Administrators
  • Connected or Private Teams and Sites

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Review: Capterra

Pros: The application, hosted with Accord LMS, was easy to set-up. On going maintenance is also very simple whether adding or updating content, creating reports or adding or updating learner access. Should I require support, this is always readily available.

Cons: The reporting functionality, while improving, is not as simple as the rest of the interface. Most of the reports focus on learner reporting and I am looking for more reports for the system administrator. Accord LMS support has assisted me in creating the reports I needed.

Overall: I have been using the Accord LMS for almost a year. I am the administrator of the LMS and charged with adding and maintaining content and learner access. It was very easy to set-up and maintain. Support has been excellent with very fast responses to any question, big or small.

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10. Schoox


Schoox offers an intuitive, social and mobile interface that learners love. Our platform is perfect for hard-to-engage workers of any age, including Millennials. We believe training should be about results and we challenge the Learning Management System (LMS) status quo. While common LMSs have been built to manage the learning process in Schoox we put the employee at the center and help them learn and lead business growth.

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Review: Software Advice

Schoox is a cloud-based social eLearning solution that helps companies deliver employee training, development and certification courses.

Available online or via mobile app, Schoox allow users to create custom-branded academies that house company content including videos, images, lectures, documents, exams and third-party coursework.

Schoox also features compliance management, which ensures that the course material is consistent and compliant across multiple stores, states or countries. Managers are able to create new courses via drag-and-drop dashboard and assign coursework to the entire team, or specific groups.

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