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30 Of The Most Extraordinary Wedding Photos

Most Extraordinary Wedding Photos

January 6th, 2018   |   Updated on May 28th, 2018

Some people think snaps with the new in-laws are just a part of the day you have to get done – and that there isn’t any real scope for imagination or creativity.

But sometimes, the most powerful photographic moments of a wedding day come when people aren’t posing, when they let their guard down and are lost in the moment. And if there’s a sharp snapper there to capture the moment, the result can be just as artistic as any other kind of photography.

These best wedding photos contain everything from comedy to tragedy and a few downright bizarre scenes in between.

1. JD Land | Two15 Photography

2. James Broadbent | Chasewild

3. Jake Mcanally | Whitney Justesen Photography

4. Eric Floberg

6. Anni Graham

7. Tim Kelly | Tim Kelly and Nadine Ellen

8. Benj Haisch

9. Paul Woo | Wandering Woo

10. Budy Pratama | Terralogical

11. Johanna Rosenlew | Johanna Rosenlew Photography

12. Erika Floor | In Beeld Met Floor

13. Tim O’Shea | Michaela Joy Photography

14. Irina Florschutz | Irina and Matej

15. Nico Roscini and Vinx Ferrara | The Ferros

16. Indra Permana Kantawibawa | ILUMINEN

17. Jeff and Cat of The Apartment Photography

18. Matteo Coltro | matrimoni allitaliana

19. Alex Olguin | Olguin Photography

20. Mario Tijerina | Mario Tijerina Photography

21. Kuoloon Chong | Kompactfaen

22. Kyle Wilson | Hinterland Stills

23. Melanie Ng | Assemblage Photography

24. Katie Forbis | Vein + Vessel

25. Steve Stemmler | Tara Lilly Photography

26. James Day Photography

27. Pollard We Are

28. Carey Nash Photography

29. David N. Sachs

30. Lyndah Wells Photography