Top 45+ Most Watched Hollywood Movies! – How Many Have You Seen?

Home Again

The lovely Reese Witherspoon did a fantastic job portraying a modern-day single mother in America. She’s raising two beautiful daughters and is ready to do whatever it takes to make them happy. After a nasty divorce, she goes back to LA to start over. While celebrating her birthday (she’s 40-years-old now), the woman meets 3 good-looking fellas, striving moviemakers in desperate need of a place to crash. Alice offers them the guest house for a couple of days until the boys find something more permanent. Obviously, the single mom could’ve never expected that this would turn into a romantic journey. But when her ex-man comes knocking at the door with a suitcase, everything goes to hell. Available Here…

Movie Review : On the surface, Home Again’s premise sounds like Bad Moms meets eighties classic Three Men and a Baby, but a closer and unavoidable approximation would have to be a mash-up of the films of Meyers herself (who is one of the film’s producers). It has the single-mother heartache of Baby Boom (from 1987 and co-written with then-husband Charles Shyer), the age-gap comedy of The Intern (2015), and the Brentwood milieu and Pinterest-worthy kitchen of most of Meyers’s films. As the credits roll, it can be said that Home Again is a tight, witty script from a first-time director with a long list of hits ahead of her – and, of course, the golden age of Hollywood dynasties lighting her way. By Globe and Mail


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