Top 45+ Most Watched Hollywood Movies! – How Many Have You Seen?


It (2017) In the Town of Derry, the local kids are disappearing one by one, leaving behind bloody remains. In a place known as ‘The Barrens’, a group of seven kids are united by their horrifying and strange encounters with an evil clown and their determination to kill It. Watch Online…

Movie Review : This lively but methodical adaptation of the novel by Stephen King offers a batch of skillful teen actors a place in the spotlight, and gives Bill Skarsgård an antic and campy turn as the monstrous Pennywise the Dancing Clown, who appears every twenty-seven years to kidnap children from the town of Derry, Maine. The movie is not terrifying but blandly edifying; its scares, foreshadowed as if by telegram, are delivered less effectively than its life lessons. By New Yorker


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