Top 45+ Most Watched Hollywood Movies! – How Many Have You Seen?

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

This man single-handedly created Wonder Woman, the fearless, righteous and gorgeous comic-book character that the entire world came to love and respect. Back when he released it, the book generated a lot of controversies. Apart from coming up with one of the finest heroines in history, the man was also one of the key inventors of the so-called lie detector test. He was in a polyamorous relationship with his wife and a student. Both ladies were big-time feminists, and, after Marston passed away in ’47, they stayed with each other. Yes, the professor had an eventful life, and this movie did a wonderful job depicting every important step he took. Click Here…

Movie Review : Professor Marston and the Wonder Women presents a fascinating backstory for a beloved superhuman heroine. And, it’s underlying themes of freedom and feminism are timely. In Professor Marston and the Wonder Women,  Angela Robinson (director/screenwriter) examines the real-life muses that shaped Marston’s iconic heroine. It’s a story that weaves together earnest academic inquiry, a modern feminist sensibility, and an unconventional polyamorous living arrangement. Suffice it to say that Wonder Woman’s origin story (warrior Amazon princess from the paradise island of Themyscira) is pretty tame compared to the origin story behind the origin story. Women’s Voices for Change. By


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