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Recently African Americans were slaves to white people, but then got the rights as ordinary citizens. Not all of them had excellent life, but those who had good skills, had a good place. Marshall became the first person with black skin in the Supreme Court. One of the women accusing him of violence, and now he must clear his name in the times of racism. Click Here…

Movie Review : You’d be forgiven for assuming that “Marshall” is a biopic of Thurgood Marshall, the first black United States Supreme Court justice. After all, it’s called Marshall,” and a main character is Thurgood Marshall. But rather than tell the man’s life story, the film focuses on one race-related case that he argued as a young lawyer in 1941, before he was famous. Marshall’s subsequent history-making achievements are relegated to the “what happened next” onscreen titles at the end of the movie. Marshall’s brilliant legacy gets the short shrift in favor of a meat-and-potatoes courtroom mystery, albeit a satisfyingly twisty one. By


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