Top 45+ Most Watched Hollywood Movies! – How Many Have You Seen?

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Arthur, a capable, audacious and plucky gent, is equally hardy and saucy. The presumptuous and perky bloke had to skirmish with life while a youngen. So, now the boyo is a potent, rough-tough and opinionated fella, ready to grapple with the conceited lads in the ‘hoods. Londinium is his dwelling, his home; yet, the courageous combatant is meant to rein. He’s got kingly, royal and regal blood in his veins, but is condonin’ the foul, obscene and rancid rulers. Back when the bloke was a toddler, a clique of impostors, charlatans and turncoats slayed Arthur’s moms and pops. When he comprehends and conceptualizes the truth, the exasperated and embittered swordsman vows to stifle and strangle the blackguards. The Mage favours the youngster and ministers his cause. With a horde of devout and staunch chaps, Arthur assails the Bastille, defying Vortigern, the king.. Watch Online….

Movie Review : To that hallowed list of great expensive follies – “John Carter,” “Ishtar,” “Heaven’s Gate” – let us ceremonially add another name: “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.” Given that the story is based on an ancient myth, the Camelot tale allows Ritchie some freedom to take liberties with the material. In his version, the sword-pulling is a ruse. Arthur’s vengeful uncle (Jude Law), Vortigern, murdered his father (Eric Bana) in a coup and wants to hunt down his offspring in order to ensure his throne. But if this supposed “fresh spin” on Arthurian legend feels awfully familiar to you, that’s because it used to be called “The Lion King.” Law even appears to have modeled his character, a bored British dandy, after Scar. The film is so narratively muddled that for a plot that’s already familiar, it’s difficult to remember what’s happening, who it’s happening to or why you’re supposed to care. By


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