Top 45+ Most Watched Hollywood Movies! – How Many Have You Seen?

Rogue One

The Jedi tribe is throttled; the Cosmos is in mortal hazard. The adherents of the world fell; the disparate tenants have to obey the austere dictate of the ungodly ones. Their influence is sprout with every minute; the knack of the resistance is rapidly droppin’. Reinforcing handsomely, the tech lab of the evildoers has moulded a grisly super-weapon – a freakish mobile planet. The rumours claim it “imbibed” a lot of planets-rebels against authoritarianism. Its omnipotence can squelch the will of the revolt. Tyrants know how to browbeat. The Almighty behemoth is impossible to trample; the rebs, a gang of dare-devils are fixed on doing the unfeasible for a scrumptious and placid future. Under the managing of a lady fatale, the click departs on a bollocks raid to get the blueprint of the whopper.. Get One Here….

Movie Review : One of the biggest debates among fans of the Star Wars franchise is about how the rebel faction got hold of the plans to Death Star. Well, this off-shoot story tells you how. Chronologically, this is a direct prequel to the 1977 film. And keeping that in mind, director Gareth Edwards has managed to give a retro feel to the CGI. This is Star Wars for adults. Well-loved characters die, the violence is gory by and large and the atmosphere is more on the lines of the French Resistance during World War II than the light-hearted thrillers that George Lucas films were. By Filmfare


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