Top 7 Movies About Education All Teachers Should Watch

Dead Poets Society

October 10th, 2017   |   Updated on December 3rd, 2018

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You must have felt it yourself at some point, after watching something inspirational that forced you to act.

How about getting inspiration for education? Whenever you feel down and stressed out about the finals, watch one of the movies listed below and they will get you back on your inspirational track:

1. Legally Blonde

What can be more impressive than a pretty (and quite dumb) girl working her way through the obstacles? Reese Witherspoon makes it to Harvard and then makes it as a lawyer, giving an example and hope to everybody. It might be just a Hollywood movie, but it does leave you inspired and mesmerized with what persistence and determination can do.


2. Center Stage

Education can be different and ballet is just a kind of education like any other. If you haven’t watched it, here is a brief: Center Stage is different from other dance movies. It doesn’t include street dancing paired with classic dancing (Step Up anybody?) It’s about a ballet school and believing in yourself and accepting that you might be different or better at something else.


3. Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society

A lot of education-centered movies focus on English teachers. But Dead Poets Society does it especially well, telling a story of John Keating who succeeded in explaining poetry to his ungrateful teen students.


4. Stand and Deliver

What can be more inspiring than a story of a high-school teacher who managed to control and inspire his unruly students of a rather unfortunate background? If you wanted to see potential (or full-fledged) gang members being taught Math, this is just the right movie for you.


5. To Sir, With Love

Yet another story of handling a difficult bunch of students from London slums. This time, however, the teacher himself is not very inclined to stay. He has a better job waiting for him somewhere, yet he becomes more and more involved in the lives of his students and gradually stops seeing this job as a temporary retreat.


6. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club, for a change, doesn’t include an inspired teacher – just the students who meet at a Saturday detention and are forced to communicate and write a one-thousand-word essay about themselves. Through the time spent together and working on their essays, they understand more about themselves.


7. Gilmore Girls

Fine, this one is not a movie but a 5-season series with a movie sequel that will take at least a week to watch (provided you do binge-watching). But the easiness with which Rory (the main character) quotes Melville and Dostoyevsky and consumes volumes of biographies a week makes you quite inspired. And then she goes to Yale and you kind of start hating yourself. Her mother helps you stay sane though – with all the attractive features she has, being a nerd is not one of them.