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Mum Gives Birth, Father Experiences The Miracle Miles Away! Worth A Repeat Watch

Newbrown baby Samsung technology

March 4th, 2016   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Birth of a child is an incredible experience for parents! Becoming parents is a major turning point for most relationships.

If you’re the husband of a pregnant woman, the closer the two of you are the more you’ll be able to share the experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond. Participating in labour, witnessing birth, and holding the new baby have a profound psychological impact on a father.

husband of a pregnant woman

Jason didn’t want to miss a moment of his son amazing birth! However, Jason, a ‘fly in, fly out’ electrical contractor, faced a hard decision when an unavoidable work commitment required him to be in Queensland on the due date and miss the imminent birth of his third son.

birth of his third son

But thanks to new Samsung technology, Jason was able to witness every moment of his baby’s birth as if he were in the room! When Jason placed on the virtual goggles he was able to view the entire room as well as speak with his wife via Bluetooth.

Samsung technology

Most fathers feel elation at the sight of their newborn. The feeling comes over them in the first minutes of seeing their child and remains for several days.


Jason was able to experience the birth as if he was in the room. It was once in a lifetime experience.


Watch the complete video of World-first live streaming virtual reality birth. Worth A Repeat Watch!

Source: Samsung LifeLIVE

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