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How To Cope With A New Mate’s Mood Swings

Cope With A New Mate’s Mood Swings

April 24th, 2018   |   Updated on May 29th, 2018

You might be crazy in love, but what if the person you love just happens to be crazy?

Dating can be a roller coaster of a ride—we fly happily high on the ups and plummet depressingly low on the downs. Mood swings keep you on your toes and can certainly keep things interesting in a relationship, but can also be the source of stress, disappointment and even lead to a break-up.

Learn how to cope with your new love’s moods and avoid taking a steep fall from an ecstatic high into an emotional pit.


1. Talk It Out

take it out
The first reaction when we sense a bad mood approaching is to keep our heads down and power through to calmer seas. This may work for short term self-preservation, but is not a wise strategy for a happy and long-lasting relationship.

Learn to talk to your new mate and be prepared to ask difficult or uncomfortable questions about feelings and history. Avoid judgment—everyone’s moods are triggered differently—and listen to your partner’s answers.

Determining the real cause of anger or sadness may be intimidating, but can help you grow closer and map out your emotional future together.

2. Battle Of Heart Vs. Brain

It’s easy to let our hearts run our emotions, but sometimes our brains need to take the wheel. Who can think rationally when tempers and tears are running high and low and everywhere in between?

Even in good times, it’s easy to become deliriously punch-drunk and throw rational thinking, along with all our cares, to the wind.


Put a stop to these matter over mind reactions: try taking time outs when you sense an emotional overload approaching and find a neutral activity to even things out.

Take a walk, write in a journal, listen to music or simply sit quietly and meditate—all can help your brain retake the reins.


3. Find Your Own Mind

Improve Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend

They say great minds think alike, but are your emotions becoming linked to those of your new mate?

It’s natural early in a relationship to want to spend every spare moment together, but if you find your moods becoming linked as well, it’s time to make a mental split.

Co-dependency of emotions can turn a smooth sailing relationship into the Bermuda Triangle.


Avoid allowing your partner’s happiness or sadness to dictate your own mood: be aware of what is causing your emotions and take time to separate what you are actually feeling from what your mate is going through to help maintain important aspects of your mental independence. Again, as they say, two minds are better than one.

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