Top 5 Tips To Finding Office Space In Melbourne

Enhanced employee and customer satisfaction

Published on August 24th, 2018

Melbourne is the heart of Victoria, Australia. People from all over the world travel to the city for travel, work, entertainment, education and excellent health care. As a result, the population of Melbourne has been increasing rapidly over the last couple of years.

In fact, right now, Melbourne boasts of being the second-highest populated city in Australia. As the population keeps growing, new job opportunities keep turning up, and that attracts more people to the city.

However, the space available for offices and commercial purposes is still limited. You can feel the competition and tension in the densest areas of Melbourne like Monash.

Finding commercial space in the city is akin to finding Victorian Gold Coins on the sidewalk. The impossibility of the situation should tell you how difficult it can be to find respectable office space Monash without help from the experts.

1. To buy, or to rent: that is the question

office space in Melbourne

One of the first decisions you need to take is whether you want to buy or lease office space. Renting an office space makes sense when you have a new business that is still in its budding stage. If you already have stable operations out of Melbourne, you might want to invest in a permanent office. The absence of rental increment and lease renewal fee should save you quite a few hundred dollars at the end of every year.


2. Location is essential for a business

Location is essential for a business

The Melbourne Exhibition centre and tourist attractions are in the south of the city near the Monash, and the airport is in the north. Now, it is your decision if you want to be close to the nexus of retail services or closer to the tourist spots. The nature of your business should help you decide that.


3. Enhanced employee and customer satisfaction

Enhanced employee and customer satisfaction

Now that you have narrowed down your office locality, you need to think more about the accessibility options. Offices on the main road or at least with more transport options than those in the far end of a bylane enjoy better feedback from customers and clients. Employee satisfaction levels remain high along with gross productivity.


4. Better security, better amenities

Offices near the central city enjoy better security, parking facility, and internet connectivity. Premium office spaces usually come with reserved parking spots for the employees. Some offices even have places for their exclusive clientele and vendors. Offices on the main road with curbside parking facilities enjoy better reviews and tons of perks.


5. Always buy first-hand!

Always buy first-hand

Remember, a second-hand office space can be apparently cheaper than a brand new office, but the maintenance cost and overhead costs will be significantly higher than investing in a new commercial area.

Choosing a place like Monash, Melbourne will open your business up to tourists, other companies and the regular residents alike. It can finally give you the dedicated customer-base you have always craved.

Location, conveniences, and costs are the three main factors every office owner should consider before renting or buying commercial space in Monash. Always rely on the most reputed listing sites for a list of the available areas in 2018.