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25 Stunning Winners Of The Panoramic Photography Awards Revealed

Panoramic Photography Awards Revealed

Published on November 26th, 2017

From misty peaks in China to a rainbow over Arizona. More than 1,300 photographers from across the globe entered the Epson International Pano Awards. The winning photographer was Jesus M Garcia from Spain. Other entries among the 5,000 received included images of Russia, Iceland and the UK

1. Pavel Oskin’s shot – Dream of Tuscany – that he snapped while on a trip to Italy, which was highly rated in the Pano Awards


2. Photographer Amanda’s Hughes’ shot of the sun rising over the top of the trees that she has called Manadalay in Myanmar


3. The winning shot, taken by Spanish photographer Jesus M Garcia. It shows a sun rise over Damian Shan in China

4. Mr Garcia also impressed judges with this shot of Whuzi Hill, which is also in China

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5. In his home country of Spain, Mr Garcia shot this image of a foggy night in the city of Toledo


6. The competition runner-up was fellow Spanish photographer Javier de la Torre with this atmospheric shot of Shanghai in China


7. The best shot captured by an amateur photographer was this image of a row of beach huts on the Essex coastline by British snapper Darren Moore


8. Ray Jennings from Australia captured this image of Lake Windamere in New South Wales, Australia


9. This shot of the Northern Lights over Iceland by Wojciech Kruczynski won the Caroline Mitchum award for storytelling

10. The judges in the environment/architecture category were impressed with this shot by Sebastian Tontsch of downtown Dubia


11. Photographer Francisco Negroni captured lightning bursting over an erupting volcano at the Puyehue-Cordón Caulle mountain chain in central Chile


12. A rainbow circles the sky across the Arizona landscape in a shot taken by photographer Frederic Huber


13. The curator’s award was given to Nate Merz from the USA for his shot of trees in South Korea, which he called Stranger Things


14. The award for best film capture went to Akira Matsui for her shot of the dramatic sky over the mountains of Patagonia in Argentina

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15. The dark, brooding sky over Lagazuoi mountain in the Dolomites in Italy has been captured by Isabella Tabacchi

16. Australian photographer Ivan Turukhano shot this image in Moscow, which he called The Glass Castle


17. The Golden Gate Bridge proudly stands in the background of Matteo Colombo’s picture of the city of San Francisco


18. The dry land and sparse trees across Deadvlei in Namibia have been captured by Stuart Bellamy


19. Peter Coskun came third in the digital photography prize for his shot of Death Valley in the US

20. Shane Williams captured this dramatic image of a sunrise storm at Sunrise Merewether Baths in New South Wales, Australia


21. Vancouver Island in British Columbia in Canada was the setting for Adam Gibbs’ snap of a lone tree


22. Amateur snapper Nicholas Roemmelt took this stunning picture of the coastline at Vesteralen in Norway

23. Ancient buildings are lit by the sun in a shot by Pavel Oskin. He took this shot in Tuscany

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24. Ancient buildings are lit by the sun in a shot by Pavel Oskin. He took this shot in Tuscany


25. The misty peaks of mountains in China in a shot by landscape photographer Cedar Kraus