Swoo Is An App Where You Can Play And Win Cash Prizes


Published on November 6th, 2018

Remember spending hours playing Snakes on your mom’s Nokia phone? How about all that time you spent crushing candies to level up? It was fun, wasn’t it?

Mobile games are quick de-stressors and mood boosters. They are great for unwinding on the commute back home after work or for whiling away time when there’s nothing better to do.

But, what if we told you that you could earn money from mobile games? Crazy, right?

1. Meet Swoo

Play And Win Cash Prizes On Swoo App -Swoo


Swoo is a live streaming entertainment app that has launched several gameshows that everyone with a smartphone can play and just about anyone can win. The prize is real money that is credited to the winners’ Paytm wallets.


2. Gameshows

  • Swoo Trivia Show: Think Who Wants to be a Millionaire or its Indian counterpart, Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), but played by you on your phone, instead of watching someone else play from the corner of your couch. This is what Swoo Trivia is. The game is live and several hundreds of thousands play it together. The host asks a set number of questions and those who answer each question correctly advance to the next question. If you answer incorrectly, you are eliminated. Those who answer all questions correctly share in the reward prize.
  • Swoo Candy Krack: Are you good at match-3 type games? Then this gameshow will be right up your alley. Match and krack candies quickly, level up, reach milestones and score. Each milestone has a cash prize associated with and everyone who crosses it shares in the cash prize. Put your candy kracking skills to the test.
  • Swoo Bingo Show: Whether you know it by the name Bingo, Housie or Tambola, you definitely know that this is one fun game, especially when played with others. On the Swoo Bingo Show you get a virtual card, as do the thousands of others playing live with you. The host announces the numbers and you have to quickly mark them on your card. Cash prizes are set for creating certain patterns – top row, bottom row, four corners and full house. Players who manage to create these patterns share in the money.
  • Swoo Poll Mania: This is the latest launch by Swoo. The host will ask questions and your answer needs to match the answer given by the majority of the participants. If it does not, you are eliminated – kind of like family feud, but live.


3. Cash Prizes

Swoo - Play And Win Cash Prizes On Swoo App

The cash prizes per gameshow vary, from INR 10,000 to several lakhs. Typically, new gameshows start off at lower prize points and the cash money increases as more players start playing.


4. The Concept Of Lives

Swoo - Play And Win Cash Prizes On Swoo App

Almost all the games have a buffer, generally in the form of a life, that lets you advance in the game even after you’ve made a mistake.

For example, if you’ve given a wrong answer in the Swoo Trivia Show, you can still proceed to the next question, if you have a life to spare. Lives are earned by referring other players to the Swoo app and by taking up specific Swoo challenges.


5. Stay Entertained

The gameshows are a great way to earn some money while having fun playing on Swoo. However, Swoo is a complete entertainment app and if you were to log in at a time when game shows aren’t running, you can still access the various live videos by talented broadcasters from around the globe.


6. Download The App

Swoo is available on the app store and play store. Download now to start playing.