Playstation Network Experiencing Outage Today – Updates

Playstation Network Experiencing Outage Today

August 24th, 2023   |   Updated on April 10th, 2024

Playstation Network Down: Stay plugged in, even when PlayStation Network is down – navigate the downtime with our expert tips and updates!

PlayStation Network (PSN) stands as a pivotal online gaming service tailored for the PlayStation console series.

Enabling online gameplay across the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita, PSN is the brainchild of Sony, providing an immersive online gaming experience to enthusiasts worldwide.

Playstation Network Down

According to, on August 24, 2023, the PlayStation Network experienced an outage, with over 8,000+ reports recorded around 10:54 AM on the same day.

Playstation Network Down Today


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On August 24, 2023, at 10:15 AM, the PlayStation Network experienced a scenario where 72% of users were affected by server issues, 24% faced login problems, and 5% encountered challenges related to downloading content.

Users on Downdetector reported various experiences regarding PlayStation Network (PSN) connectivity issues on August 24, 2023:

  • Courtney expressed concern about being signed out of PSN on their PlayStation at 05:34:34.
  • Bob, away from home using remote play, was unable to restart, seeking assistance at 05:34:29.
  • Scyther shared their lack of experience with PSN at 05:33:39.
  • Eric Denney reported that the issue had been resolved for them at 05:32:33.
  • Ben informed others about a software update at 05:32:19.
  • Vookur mentioned that everything seemed fine from their end at 05:31:55.
  • JussyPounder recommended using ‘Restore Licenses’ as a solution at 05:31:23.
  • James noted a slowdown in their connection at 05:31:19.
  • Sarina expressed frustration over unexpected interruptions during gameplay at 05:31:17.
  • James reiterated a slow connection issue at 05:31:05.
  • Brody Vincent empathized with a similar experience at 05:30:47.

Many Twitter users are tweeting about facing issues with the PlayStation Network. Check out the tweets below.

Playstation Network Down Today 24 August 2023

Update 1 [ 25 August 2023 ]

A user named Shadow Star posted on indicating issues with the Playstation Network.

The problem is as follows: When I attempted to access my PS5, I was prompted to log in. After logging in, I was presented with the option to accept the new Terms of Service (TOS). Upon agreeing, I was immediately logged in.

If this method proves unsuccessful, you can try logging in on a desktop device. Timestamp: 2023-08-25 04:49:13.

If you are facing something similar to the above, please try the following instructions:

Another user named Bradley Davis reported a solution: If you’re facing issues, go to the PlayStation website. Sign in and agree to the new terms. This should allow your system to log in successfully. Timestamp: 2023-08-25 02:42:16.


Update 2 [ 26 August 2023 ]

According to social media reports from Playstation Network, user @LKingmak has mentioned that the PSN servers for both PS4 and PS5 in the USA are experiencing issues as of 7:42 AM on August 26, 2023, Indian Standard Time.

Update 3 [ 28 August 2023 ]

Report 1 – Jay Is anyone experiencing problems with their PS5 connecting to PSN? The time here is 11:36 PM EST.

One moment I’m connected, the next I’m suddenly disconnected. I’m attempting to troubleshoot whether it’s a hardware-related issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Timestamp: 2023-08-28 03:38:43

Report 2 – Joe I’m unable to sign into the PlayStation Network. I attempted the PlayStation repair option, but I’m unable to access it as well. My PlayStation is completely up to date, including all game updates. Fortunately, I managed to reach out to HubbT for help.

Timestamp: 2023-08-28 01:51:25

Report 3 – Joe I’m encountering an issue where downloads are unavailable. I’m in the process of downloading the latest Destiny update. Although I connected a LAN cable to expedite the process, the system won’t start up and displays a continuous “Please wait…” message. I had success with…

Timestamp: 2023-08-28 00:11:09

Update 4 [ 31 August 2023 ]

On August 31, 2023, concerns regarding the PlayStation Network emerged on social media. User “@Sora_Kairi13” reached out, inquiring about the status of East Coast servers for the game “Hunt: Showdown.”

This post reflected the community’s need for real-time updates on server accessibility, highlighting the importance of a seamless gaming experience for players on the platform.

Update 6 [ 07 September 2023 ]

At 12:10 PM (IST), PlayStation Network is once again reporting server issues, as reported on social media.

Update 7 [ 19 September 2023 ]

At 7:58 AM (IST), per, numerous PlayStation Network users have indicated server outages affecting PlayStation Network Games and issues with the PlayStation network.

Update 7 [ 20 September 2023 ]

At 09:23 AM (IST), many players are reporting a new outage on the Playstation Network.

Update 8 [ 12 October 2023 ]

At 1:38 AM (IST) on October 12th, PlayStation Network reported a major outage with over 8500 users encountering issues. According to the DownDetector site, 85% of the reported problems are related to server issues for games.

Update 9 [ 06 November  2023 ]

At 6:62 AM (IST), many PlayStation Network users reported an outage issue with the server connection.

Update 10 [ 17 November  2023 ]

At 1:00 PM (IST), many PlayStation Network users reported server connection issues, including difficulties claiming DLC in-game on PlayStation and problems logging into Fortnite on the platform.

Update 11 [ 18 November  2023 ]

10:21 AM ( IST ), PlayStation Network (PSN) users are reporting issues with the PlayStation Network servers, and as a result, they are unable to log in to Fortnite on PlayStation.

Update 12 [ 29 November,  2023 ]

At 02:07 PM (IST), many PlayStation Network users reported issues with the server, including dropped gamer tags. Users across PSN, Xbox, Steam, and Switch encountered errors when attempting to change their profile pictures.

Update 03 [ 08 December,  2023 ]

At 10:10 PM (IST), Error code CE-107982-7 is widespread, affecting PlayStation Network users’ ability to download games. Many users report the PlayStation store is down.

Update 04 [ 20 March,  2024 ]

Is PSN down for anyone else?! Reports say Playstation Network is having issues. Can’t access the store to download that new game Anyone else dealing with this? Sounds like an ISP problem… #PSNdown #FixPSN

Update 05 [ 10 April,  2024 ]

PlayStation Network is experiencing widespread outage issues with games. Many users reporting problems. 🎮 #PlayStationDown

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