45+ Free Sites To Post Your Company’s Press Release

Post Your Company’s Press Release

November 5th, 2019   |   Updated on June 29th, 2020

Press release is one of the oldest forms of marketing and communication. But the sad part is that it is not understood by people. Many people confuse press release with a guest post and thus tend to submit and use them at wrong places.

Press releases which are written or used for marketing purpose also have a complete different meaning and context. Press release is quite different from a blog post written in a fancy way.

Press release has it’s own set of formats and language and it should be written in that way only. Then only the press release will be accepted for the release or publication at some well known and reputed websites.

Press releases are only of one page and you need the send the same to multiple sources. If all the sources publish the same press release then there is no problem, because it’s a press release and thus not meant to be a unique one.

The major goal of a press release is to draw attention towards your newly launched product. The people and the newspaper or the online publication must be aware of the features and the pros and cons of this product.

How To Make A Good Press Release

A good press release must fulfill certain points. You must be fulfilling the minimum criteria so that your press release gets noted by the prominent journalists and news houses.

Some Of The Important Points Are

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1. Should Have Facts

It is very important that your press release should have more of facts and less of fiction or story. This is because if you want a prominent news house or journalist has to publish your press release then it should have more and more of facts.

2. Correct Keywords

Your language must be correct in the press release. A press release ideally shouldn’t be long. You need to make it short and crisp with the correct choice of words and keywords both.

3. Relative Links Accompanied With Good Anchor Text

Your press release must have some good and relevant links. These are the links which will help to draw attention towards your landing page. Some of the product features can be highlighted with these links. Other than this you can also include few of the relevant links which will help to gain traffic.

4. Include Media If Possible

A press release is considered to be incomplete if media is not included in the same. And thus include relevant media. In case media inclusion is not possible, then include a press kit or a link which contains some of the sanctioned media.

5. Formal Language

The formal tone of the press release must be maintained and that is very important. Press release should never be casual or about brand building.

The objective of press release is quite targeted. Include some of the references of statistics or case study. This is how your press release will also be enhanced.

Press Release – Distribution

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Press release can be send to a wide variety of sites. You can send them to some of the top sites like – Forbes. Fast Company, HuffPost, BuzzFeed News and likewise. Some of the website can accept money for the same whereas some won’t.

you can send your press release to website who does the same for free. So, why spend money when you can do the same free of cost. And many people think that a press release can be send to a single site only but no you are wrong here. You can send it to 100 different sites and that too absolutely free.

Free websites have their drawbacks of course. They are always flooded and over burdened. There are millions of companies who are tied up with such press releases.

And since they are free of cost thus the time actually elapses to see if the press releases are published in due course of time or not. But with free websites they have quite general content and limited reach.

You will get the niche audience in those paid websites only. Plus, with free websites you will be compromising the quality and reach of press releases.

Now, we will tell you an easy way to figure out the same. Go for a simple spreadsheet or excel. Either make two to three columns. Here you will get an idea of what is working and what is not.

What you need to do here is that make a simple column wherein you will have information like link of the websites where you are sending the press release to get published and the press release link. Now, you need to regularly track this website link.

If you are sensing that the website is not earning good views or not giving you better traffic then it’s time for a switch. You need to eliminate such websites from your list.

Below we have listed down 50 plus websites for you where press releases can be submitted free of cost.

This list comprises of the unique ways of ensuring that your press release reaches to the correct place. And in case the place is wrong or no longer functioning, then let us know. We will be happy to revise the list.

Free Websites Where Press Releases Can Be Published

The Moz Blog

1. PR Urgent

This is one of those website through you can get your press releases published in the Google news too. But they have quite strict content guidelines and they don’t allow pictures.

2. Online PR News

In case you are thinking about going with this website then please understand that if you are paying nothing then your press release can remain hanging in the air for about three months. But if you are paying then you might encounter some additional perks and discounts.

3. PR Log

Here with free submission you get to enjoy distribution, links which can be tagged and associated with the industries and also have the locational tags.

4. PR

There are two kind of submissions in this category – Paid and free. And not to be mentioned but obviously paid submissions enjoy different level of benefits and perks when compared to the free ones.

5. PR Inside

This is one of the rarest websites where there are very few publications and it is one of those sites which are updated in months.

6. 1888 Press Release 

This is a very limited website where free publication is more or less limited. And no proactive advertisement is a part of this website.

7. 24 – 7 Press Release 

Here if you submit a free press release then the same will be forwarded to the journalists and then it will be referred to the media houses.

8. Free Press Release

Here with free submission you can enjoy some basic benefits for the site.

9. Market Press Release 

Here there is an upper limit on the free submission. You can submit only 1 press release every day.

10. OnlyWire 

Here you can enjoy an access to the social networking channels. This is where your review gets submitted to the free social media channels.

11. OpenPR 

Here the free submissions are only restricted to the business hours. Plus you can also enjoy a German version of this website.

12. PR9 

You can see a huge variety of topics here being covered but there is not much competition and thus quite less traffic here.

 14. Press Box 

This is mostly focused to UK submissions but we are also to the global audience at the same time.

15. Press Exposure

This might be active or not. We are not yet sure.

16. PR Mac 

You will find more of apple news here. Submissions are more or less biased here and quite large news houses are actually covered here.

17. BizEurope 

This is a n European focused press release and thus more of such news are only displayed here.

18. UK PR Wire 

This is an UK focused press release website which are mostly targeted on charitable news and such websites only.

19. NPR 

This is widely known as National Public Radio. Here you will mostly see that the global news content are given priority. Though they still accept all kind of news.

20. BusinessWire 

This news website accepts press release though you need to apply for a membership fee here.

21. MediaPost 

This is mostly a media focused website here.

22. TMCNet 

This is a technology focused website and thus most of such news items are only displayed. But you won’t find any of the cryptocurrencies here.

23. PR Sync 

This language other an English also has a Spanish site as well.

 25. Free PR Now 

Here you will find most of the press releases are displayed at the home page only.

26. Pitch Engine 

Here you only get to enjoy only a 14 day free trial here. It is not technically free.

27. BriefingWire 

This is chargeable at $3 and this is almost free but obviously not completely free.

28. Press Release Ping 

This is another press release submission site and thus there are many such free advances which you can enjoy at this website.

29. Click Press

You get to submit only news and press releases here.

30. Transworld News 

Here you get to enjoy third party Findlt site which is known to manage submission and that too free ones.

31. Free Press Release Center

This one does credible work because other than news releases you will also find blog releases here as well.

32. Press Release Post

This one is difficult because your content or the press release need to be really good to be featured in the free category.

33. PR Fire 

UK focused press release site which focuses on variety of categories.

34. NewsPressRelease 

This is one of the smaller and thus rarely known press release website.

 36. Article Circulation

This is quite small and thus a new website.

37. Submit Press Release 123

This is a free account but there are paid services as well.

38. Easy Press Release

This is quite small and a slow moving press release website.

39. The Open Press

This is mostly known for the geographical tagging part only.

Niche Specific Press Release Websites

There are a number of niche specific press release websites where you will have narrow but specific coverage.

1. Nanotech News

This is mostly about the nano technology only.

2. Beta News

This is focused on the technology news only.

3. Thomas

This is mostly focused on engineering and data analysis.

4. Yumpu

This is not about press release but this is about a magazine maker. Here you can also gain some exposure as well.

5. Local News

This is dedicated only to South Florida here.

6. Scoop Asia

This one focuses only on Asian countries and there are plenty of English content here.

7. Business Portal 24

This is an European press release portal where you will find ample number of different    countries and languages.

8. Web Know How

There is a combination of how to do and such websites.

9. Hungary News Wire

This is mostly and only for the Hungary residents only.

So, since now you have a full compiled list. Let me know what are your thoughts on the same.