Slowly Eat Your Slot Machine – The Power Of Habit


February 23rd, 2019   |   Updated on April 13th, 2023

To ask what is the most profitable game in the casino, you probably won’t think of a slot machine that silently eats small chips in the corner. But this kind of entry-level machine devours the gamblers’ huge gambling money for the casino every day. This is actually the power of habit, or, not comprehensively speaking, is the power of addiction.

The formation of habits consists of a three-part circuit. In the first step, there is a cue, or Trigger, that allows the brain to enter an automatic behavioral pattern and decide which habit to use. In the second step, there is a routine, which can be physical, mental or emotional. The third step is reward, which lets your brain know if you should write down the loop for future use.

Finally, based on this loop, a craving is cultivated to drive this loop

This process can also be called conditioned reflex, just as the dog of Pavlov hears the bell. The sound will be the same as drooling. The biggest feature of habit is that when it appears, the brain is no longer fully involved in decision-making, it either completely calms down or concentrates on other tasks.

Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to learn to walk again every day, but because of it, you may be stumped by stones because your feet have entered automatic navigation mode. Slot machines and other gambling tools are quickly devour your money by quickly constructing your habits.

By studying the gameplay of slot machines, we can clearly see the loop of habit. First of all, no matter how the rules and gameplay of the slot machine change and upgrade, its appearance will be consistent, a big machine in the square, and it will be so high that you can’t see the opposite situation.

This creates a simple and clear hint. The usual behavior is coin and lever. This lever looks seemingly unnecessary and can be fully automated, that is, it has been automatically operated when the coin has been coined.


However, an action of the lever increases the player’s sense of commitment and deepens the scale of the usual behavior in the mind. The reward in the loop is naturally to spit out gold coins. The craving for driving the entire circuit is the gambler’s psychology that the player wants to be small and unprofitable.

In this way, the slot machine can invisibly help the player to construct a habit in the process of the player’s game, so that the gamblers can start to invest coins, coin, and coin until they lose all the light, because they have entered the habit loop.

This is also why the gambling halls are closed and the lights are so constant that people can’t feel the passage of time. Because the casino does not want any variables that will interrupt the gambler’s habits. However, there is a way to make people addicted to any kind of gambling.

Why do gamblers stay on slot machines for the longest time? Because it has a low threshold for entry, there is no learning cost? Because of the low threshold of its game, there is less money invested each time? These are some of the elements of its success, but they are not the most critical, because the size of the bet has such a low threshold.

The main reason for its success is that it produces a feeling of “almost win” every time. But of course there is always a real chance to win because if not, no one wants to play in slot machines anymore. You can get better chance of winning by playing on reputable casinos such as GClub.